Initio Parfums Hedonist Collection: Feel the Self-Love

“To re-enchant fragrance. To restore all of its aura and mystery and control the infinite power that it has over us.”

A French fragrance brand that is simultaneously exclusive and renegade, Initio Parfums Privé entered the upmarket niche fragrance world with jaw-dropping success from critics and consumers alike. Using the science of phenoms, the compositions are provocative and wild, defying rigid conventions of perfumery. Captivating the senses in a circular rather than linear passage, the wearer succumbs to the myriad of emotions that can emulate from a singular drop of its magical essence.

Initio HedonistAggregated into collections that eclipse mere fragrance notes, each collection explores the human mind, body, and spirit from its most primal desires and urges to its most elevated sphere of consciousness and transcendence. “Initio’s Hedonist collection is a celebration of self-indulgence, designed to evoke the most decadent desires and awaken the inner hedonist in all of us,” says Derek Miller, National Sales Director at Initio Parfums Privés. Comprising three fragrances–Musk Therapy, Rehab, and Paragon–each composed of unorthodox pairings of raw ingredients that uplift, nurture, and revive the soul and spirit. It is also the collection that features Initio’s newest and now award-winning best-seller, Paragon.

“Paragon is more than just a fragrance; it’s a symbol of individuality, an olfactory masterpiece that reveals the unique essence of each person who wears it,” explains Miller. Top notes of aromatic sage and lavender morph into mystical wood notes of plum, black pepper, and sacred Palo Santo. The base notes of sandalwood and agarwood cocoon the wearer in warmth while the crisp top notes and tempting middle notes push and pull in a dance of desire and reawakening.

Initio Paragon

For a limited time, guests can now experience the Hedonist collection in a high-frequency 432 hz surround sound experience. Sit back and relax while an aural orchestra whisks you away through a sojourn of sound while you experience the olfactive pleasures of the entire Hedonist collection. Available at select retailers.

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