So scientifically advanced, a NASA scientist had to invent it.

Nearly every beauty and wellness product of late claims to be backed by science, often backed by a dermatologist to give some merit, though not necessarily created by one.  In fact, many are private label formulations that are facsimiles of one another –different label and brand name – same product inside.

A cute label and clever marketing only go so far.  TresMonet is the brainchild of a NASA robotics engineer with the aptitude and unwavering discipline to create a propriety formula that was previously a scientific impossibility.  With some divine serendipity, the robotics scientist is introduced to a lawyer and theatre producer turned CBD product manufacturer hungry for the next big thing.  The stars are aligned, the formula and alliance are solidified, and the world of CBD skincare infused with real stem cell nanotechnology is born.

As a NASA scientist, Patrick “PJ” la Rive Ph.D. specialized in nanotechnology. His accomplishments include research to deliver nutrients to astronauts in space, inventing the Space Shuttle’s Radiant Barrier, and research on Sickle Cell Anemia gene therapy.  So why the transition to CBD skincare and wellness?  It’s a bit involved, but let’s just say the word “impossible” is not in la Rive’s lexicon.  After sleepless nights and recruiting the help of researchers at three universities, he was able to change the structure of CBD at an atomic level.  The breakthrough technology is the first to allow CBD to successfully combine with stem cells for a delivery system that is more potent than anything on the market.  Working with partner and investor Dennis Dannel, it all came to fruition.

 “We promise to be the best.  That is what we know how to do.” Dennis Dannel


A truly breakthrough product, The Rejuvenating Serum, the most concentrated on the market, not only noticeably corrects hyperpigmentation and fine lines in 5-10 days, it heals third-degree burns and scars in as little time.  The same proprietary technology is infused into the Rejuvenating Firming Under Eye Cream, while the Rejuvenating Complex has the added benefit of Retinol for maximum anti-aging payback. Most CBD-infused products contain only 10-30mg per application or serving. Every TresMonet product delivers 1000-2000mg per application. The products aren’t cheap, but neither is plastic surgery.

A good CBD regimen starts bright and early. Bon Umor – The Feel Good Coffee is the latest addition to their wellness line. It’s the first to infuse hemp extract to the core of coffee beans with 1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per cup — all the benefits of caffeine, without the jitters.