Proven Casino Game Strategies for Beginners: Choosing Games and Approaches

More than a quarter of the world’s population has even tried gambling. As for Australia, the number is even higher – 72% of adults gamble at least once a year. Such a number is not random. The online gambling market and the amount of new opened casinos in Australia are rising, offering to play from home.

If you are a beginner at online casinos, the number of games and strategies may be overwhelming. Discover the best strategies for beginners in online gambling.

Remember About Responsible Gaming

Beginners are more likely to show signs of irresponsible gaming. That is why before trying casino winning strategies, check if you follow the safe gambling rules – for example, do you make enough pauses between gambling sessions? Also, ask yourself, do you understand that all casino games are based on randomizing technologies?

The good news is that responsible gaming features are effective. Researches prove personalised feedback, online supporting chats, and self-exclusion methods work for casino players. Among 69,631 gamblers participating in the experiment, those who received personalized feedback and gambling recommendations behaved more responsibly.

When choosing a gambling platform, check if it provides the following functions. For this, check out the game experts reviews, and learn the game characteristics on the software developer website. 

Consider the RPT

RTP or return to player is an amount of winnings potentially given to a gambler over time. For example, if you bet $100, the machine shall give you $95 back – but that’s not so easy. 

RTP doesn’t show the immediate winning. It indicates the return over the long-term play. Games with higher RTP are less risky since you receive most of your money back. Consider the return while choosing a game genre:

Casino game genre RTP
Slot from 93% to 99%, depending on the subgenre
Blackjack 99%
Roulette 97.30%

In rare cases, the RTP may even be higher than 100%. For instance, Triple Sevens Blackjack by Microgaming offers a return of 148.6%

Take note! Some casinos are capable of changing the game’s RTP. Another trick is showing the average return for the specific game genre instead of a particular title’s RTP. To avoid such tricks, choose casinos with official licenses – these platforms are regulated by the local gaming authorities, which require them to provide fair information on RTP. 

Choose Compensated Games

There are two main types of casino games – random and compensated. Despite both types being based on randomizing and not offering 100% winning, there is a difference.

In random casino games, each round brings a random result independently of previous rounds. Meanwhile, the result in compensated casino games is partially determined by the previous round result. In such games, for example, slots “remember” the previous results and base the outcome depending on them.

For example, if the payout in 1st and 2nd rounds is low, the jackpot probability in the 3rd round becomes higher. 

How to win in such games? Track the outcomes of the previous matches before placing your stake. For example, the Aviator game by Spribe offers you statistics of previous matches. 

Try Progressive Jackpot Titles

Another genre that offers a kind of predictability is the progressive jackpot game. In such a genre, the amount of jackpots is gradually rising:

  1. All players place their bets. At that moment, the jackpot is at its minimum level.
  2. If no one wins, the jackpot is rising. 1%-5% of each player’s bet is added to the prize pool.
  3. The jackpot rises until someone wins. The process can repeat several times with no maximum limit until someone wins the sum.

Such games require more investments and are more risky. However, in case of winning, they cover the expenses with a large margin. 

Choose Easier Gameplay

Only 30% of global poker players are long-term winners. The same amount uses more than 4 websites to play this game, choosing which one is the best. Such games as poker or blackjack require a professional approach, a lot of tries, and long-term experience.

Unlike them, slots and bingo games are easier to learn – try them in the first place to receive the first winnings. 

More Tips to Lower the Risks

To minimize the risks, follow these strategies:

  1. Try demo modes. Games like Sic Bo, Lucky Jet, or Aviatrix offer demo modes. There, you can try the gameplay without betting with real money.
  2. Use self-exclusion and controlling options. Unlike a common misconception, pauses between ambling sessions don’t help to reduce risky behavior. What does help is pop-up messages and recommendations that recommend you to stop gambling when the amount of money spent becomes too high. 
  3. Choose gambling platforms with bonuses. Select the casinos with welcome bonuses for new players. This promotion can be used to place free bets – using them in games with high RTP, you can receive cash with no expenses at all.
  4. Consider the wagering requirements at online casinos. Also, do not forget to consider the wagering requirement – in some cases, you’ll be forbidden to withdraw the winnings before placing a certain amount of bets. It is especially common for money received with bonuses. For example, if you received a $100 promotion with the wagering requiem of 40x, you must place bets on the sum of $4,000 before withdrawing. There are also issues with using PayID as a payment system.

Finally, trust the process. Although casinos don’t give momentary winnings, choosing games with high RTP lowers the risk of losing money. Also, try progressive jackpot slots for higher winnings, and practice in demo modes to learn the gameplay.