LA’s New Foxhall Steakhouse is Home to Stellar Steaks and a Sophisticated Retro Vibe

Foxhall Steakhouse

Steakhouses have been an American institution since the mid-19th century. While trendier options fade in and out of fashion, the steakhouse remains the ultimate night out and dining indulgence. Decadently good food, especially a perfectly cooked steak, is always on trend.

That being said, Beverly Hills/West Hollywood has witnessed a steakhouse renaissance of late. A plethora of flashy spots has popped up with flamboyance as the main course. With one notable exception–the newly opened Foxhall Steakhouse on Robertson Blvd, where over-reaching glamour is traded for intimate sophistication, stellar service, and steaks that linger in your memory long after the taste has left your palate.

Foxhall is the brainchild of veteran restaurateurs Kia and Kathryne Illulian. The brother and sister duo are no strangers to the Los Angeles dining scene, having purchased the famous Moustache Café in 2005 to the currently ultra-buzzy Carrera Café on Melrose, and the popular HRB Experience in Century City and DTLA.

The decision to open a steakhouse was not a capricious one for Kia Illulian, despite a successful history in fine dining. In addition to high expectations for the food itself, Illulian was very specific about the dining experience he envisioned for guests. “It had to be incredible service, incredible ambiance, and of course, incredible food. We tried to rise to the ultimate challenge”

Foxhall Steakhouse

Plush and subdued, the ambiance is warm and inviting. With COVID distance mandates now a page in history, the tables sit very close together, intended to invite convivial interludes among patrons. “We wanted it to be a tribute to the 1950s. Like a black and white postcard,” says Illulian. And to that, the Illulians have succeeded. Upon entering Foxhall, one feels transported to a more elegant and civilized decade. One can imagine themselves in New York or Paris, in an intimate spot where conversations linger and wine glasses clink well into the night. “It’s less about technology and more about conversation,” Illulian muses. “Everybody is chasing money. We are chasing the experience. That is what’s most important to us.”

As for the food itself, Illulian will accept nothing less than perfection. Led by executive chef and longtime partner Chef Marni Sandico, Foxhall entails a variety of cooking techniques for their incomparable steaks, including wet-aging and wood-fire grilling. The meat quality, however, is never compromised. “We use the most finite ingredients,” shares Illulian.

The menu is rounded out with exceptional seafood and vegetarian options using locally sourced ingredients. A kosher steak is also available with advance notice.

Foxhall Steakhouse is located at 310 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles,

CA, 90048. For dining hours, reservations, and more information, visit their website here.