Jovē Water Announces International Actor Samuel Arnold as First Brand Ambassador

Recently Teased at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, The Partnership Marks a Milestone for the Fast-Growing Brand

Premium, functional alkaline water brand, Jovē, proudly announces the appointment of acclaimed international actor Samuel Arnold as its first brand ambassador. Best known for his role of Julien in the hit Netflix TV series Emily in Paris, Samuel brings his global recognition and passion for holistic well-being to support Jovē’s mission.

Samuel Arnold has dazzled audiences worldwide with his talent and on-screen presence. The French actor has achieved significant success in both television and film, with his breakthrough role in the popular series Emily in Paris catapulting him into the international spotlight. His performance and versatility have garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan following.

Samuel teased his ambassadorship during the recent 2023 Cannes Film Festival, where he shared images of himself enjoying Jovē on social media. Samuel discovered Jovē in early 2023 during the filming of Chris Robert Riegel’s feature film, EXPECTATIONS. He notes, “I’ve experienced first-hand the quality and feeling of Deep Hydration® that Jovē water provides. I kept going back to it, over and over again throughout the shoot, which subconsciously stopped my sugar addiction and gave me a cleansing sensation, and I can’t wait for people to experience the same.”

“We are excited to welcome Samuel as Jovē’s first brand ambassador,” says Tammy Hobbs, Jovē Chief Executive Officer. “Samuel’s love of Jovē water and dedication to making a positive impact in the world makes him the perfect advocate for our brand. We are so happy he is part of the Jovē family and look forward to our journey ahead as we spread the message of skin and cellular health to a wider audience,” she added.

The partnership is a natural fit as both Jovē and Samuel share a deep commitment to personal well-being and hydration. Jovē’s great taste and clinically proven benefits resonate with Samuel’s dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles. Reflecting on this, Samuel asserts, “As an actor, my main instrument is my body, and it made so much sense for me to partner with a brand that hydrates and supports my instrument in a healthy way. It feels good to promote something that you love and believe in.”

Beyond personal health, Samuel Arnold is known for his active involvement in environmental and social causes. As an ambassador for Or Bleue, an organization focused on providing drinkable water to underserved communities, Samuel aligns with Jovē’s dedication to creating a world where everyone’s cup is filled with joy and love and unite behind a common goal: to make a deeper connection with health, our skin, ourselves, and each other.

This announcement comes on the heels of Jovē’s recent launch of their Let Your Skin Do The Talking™ creative campaign. The high-sensory campaign amplifies the voice of what healthy skin would ask for — deep hydration at the skin and cellular level — with messaging that is reflected through a diverse cast, representing everyday people who prioritize drinking water and caring for their health. With Samuel Arnold as brand ambassador, Jovē aims to amplify this revamped messaging.

The collaboration between Jovē and Samuel Arnold represents a powerful union of shared values, promoting Deep Hydration®, skin health, and environmental stewardship. Together, they strive to inspire individuals worldwide to prioritize their well-being and make conscious choices for a healthier, more connected world.

About Jovē:

Jovē is the first premium, functional alkaline water clinically shown to support skin and cellular hydration.  It has an amazing smooth, great taste. Made with our exclusive ACH Technology® (Advanced Cellular Hydration), Jovē is infused with an exclusive liquid silica, an essential mineral that increases alkalinity, then charged with an abundance of electrons, a primary source of energy. Jovē bottles and caps are 100% recyclable. To show their commitment to being part of the responsible use and processing of plastic, Jovē partners with TerraCycle to support the responsible use of plastic and cleaning of our oceans. Jovē is currently available at Publix, Giant,  select Kroger stores, Lowes Food Stores, The Fresh Market, Earth Fare retailers and online at Amazon. Follow @drinkjove on Instagram and Facebook. For more information and store locators visit