Daintree Rooftop Bar & Lounge: Rainforest Inspired Cocktails and Breathtaking Views

Ashley Foster for Millennium Magazine.

A taste of Aussie has arrived in an unsuspected venue with breathtaking Manhattan skyline views and a tantalizing cocktail menu befitting of a speakeasy. Whether an afterwork cocktail, an evening with a special someone, or stopping in with friends for one or more drinks, Daintree is undoubtedly the venue to choose.  


The rainforest inspired cocktail lounge is perfectly poached on the rooftop of 35th street in midtown Manhattan – breathtaking skylines and artfully crafted cocktails, Daintree is a posh rooftop cocktail lounge that is sure to take your breath away. Consistent with the lush, tropical 1200 kilometer rainforest in Australia, Daintree New York, delivers on the vibrant paradise in its decor. Coral reef shaped chairs, engulfed in deep gem-tone colors, adorn the entire space accompanied by wicker seating, and long plush velvet couches. The bar is nestled in the back with high top seating that allows you to pivot at any moment to seize the Manhattan skyline views.


Drowning out the bustling crowd and city congestion, Danitree’s interior could easily steal the show, yet it is the cocktail menu that really entices its customers. An innovative menu with cocktails bearing interesting names will always pass the vibe check, yet Daintree ups the ante far beyond with an Aussie inspired cocktail list that is well-curated and authentically presented by top-tear mixologist. The menu features a selection of 11 art-inspired showstoppers starting at $18 – reflecting an art gallery by the glass, as each of the specialty beverages have been inspired by a piece of Australia, deciphered and reinterpreted in fluid form. 

The first cocktail we were served was the Garden Soiree, a cocktail which explores the absolute primacy of a green hue. Fittingly bright green in color, the elegant cocktail is made with Barr Hill Gin, Tequila, cucumber, basil, Maraschino Liqueur, and lemon. Whilst the appearance in itself already holds distinct layers, the interpretation of tropics goes further to develop deep nuances in flavor. We were welcomed by a cool smoothing taste of tequila, before diving into the fresh hints of cucumber and basil, and a subtly surprising sweet maraschino taste. An unsuspecting sip, yet totally intriguing.  

Anna Swiderska for Millennium Magazine.

Next we were presented with the Blood-Orange Mule, a delicious twist on a classic. Made with Finlandia vodka, Don Q Naranja, blood orange, lime, ginger, white peppercorn and club soda – the orange-hued drink was quite refreshing and packed a punch of personality. It was love at first sip! The flavors were the perfect combination of sweet and zesty, yet with a fizz, giving off an air of mischief. 

One of Daintree’s best-selling cocktails, Lazy Daisy. Delicately assembled with utmost precision, the fine cocktail is garnished with a colorful selection of real flowers – almost a craft in itself. Made with Hiatus blanco tequila, mezcal, cointreau, lemon, and elderflower tonic. Like summer in a goblet, it’s easy to see why this fragrant, citrus-hued enchantress proves a popular one and brings into bloom a sensual cocktail with a touch of Aussie beauty. 

Perhaps our favorite of the evening, the Watermelon Mint Collins. Jokingly coined from the New York slanderer, Tom Collins, this muddled mint and gin drink has been around since 1874. 

Made with Ten to One White rum, watermelon, shiso, lemon, and club soda. This classic with a twist holds a jazzy, snazzy note of flavor, much-fitting with Daintree’s sun-set rooftop vibe. The strong and sophisticated cocktail was not overwhelmed by the mint, nor the melodious taste of watermelon. The ingredients read as if they could not work with one another, yet much like wildlife, come together to create something that is expressive and deeply impressive. 

Our last cocktail of the night was Southern Touch. Featuring peachy flavor notes, with a hint of amaretto this cocktail offered a refreshing change of pace. Made with Whiskey Pig bourbon, Jack Daniel’s, black tea, amaretto and peach. It was a haunting yet majestic cocktail, whereby the glass is enhanced by the bourbon, almost reaching out as if to lure you into the woods of the rainforest. 

Whatever path you take, you will not be disappointed. Daintree’s art-inspired cocktails sit before their sippers hinting to be explored. You don’t have to be a liqueur connoisseur to enjoy them, yet can comfortably explore your palette. Along with a delectable small bites selection offering raw oysters ($26), Kangaroo Skewers ($18), to House Fries with black garlic aioli ($8), Daintree is a sensual tropical oasis dreamily perched on a rooftop, inviting you to savour the Aussie flavors.

For more on Daintree, click the link here ​​https://www.daintreenyc.com/menu

Sean Callender @prviledgedpalete

Crios Photography and Images from the Daintree Website. Makeup Artist Anna Swiderska