Meze 99 Classics Over-Ear Headphones

From the moment music flows through Meze Audio Classica Over-Ear Headphones premium audiophile headphones, you will feel the sound rivet your soul, sending shivers down your neck into your chest.

If you’ve been in search of powerful sound, the Romanian high-end audio company has just what your ears have been missing.

Meze Audio headphones have just launched their newest in-ear monitor, Rai Solo, and it is well positioned to reach its aim of becoming the IEM of choice for entry-level audiophiles.

These light-weight headphones are well crafted, made of stainless steel, with soft cushions that rests on the ears and tough, sturdy wrangle-free cords.

Other features include:

* Ergonomic design

* Fun-neutral, well refined and controlled sound signature

* Unified pistonic motion technology exclusive driver

* Vibration reduction system

* Stainless steel metal injection body

These headphones promise its users an affordable way to immerse into a pure listening experience while enjoying the ergonomic elegant design, typical of Meze products.

The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones.

Meze Audio has been founded in year 2011 in the city of Baia Mare, Transylvania, Romania. The company is renowned for timeless design, pure comfort and engaging vivid sound. Winner of multiple audiophile industry awards, Meze Audio is already known on the market for its 99 series headphones and flagships Empyrean and Rai Penta.