OSK Styles

By Millennium Magazine

A man of style and creativity, Omar S. Kinnebrew works passionately to deliver quality tailor-made clothing for those who seek a higher level of aesthetic prominence. As the owner of OSK Styles, LLC, Omar has one ultimate goal; to provide appropriately priced custom clothing to men & women across the globe. Thereby giving them an opportunity to acquire handmade garments at retail prices. Based out of Atlanta, GA, Omar clothes and provides style guidance to a wide range of clientele, including working professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, musicians, and many more. Each client experience is unique and Omar strives to ensures that all garments are crafted to exceed client expectations and equip each person with the right pieces for that special event or their everyday life.

Omar’s foray into the world of retail fashion began in 2014 when he created a gentleman’s pocket square holder that was built to keep the fabric from slipping, bulging and ultimately falling to the bottom of the pocket. From there, OSK Styles was born and provided Omar with a platform to promote and sell his pocket square holder and other gentleman accessories. Almost a year later, Omar decided to approach his personal clothing providers and create private label partnerships for material supply and garment production. That is when the Bespokuture™ custom clothing line came to life.

With that, he now offers custom suits, shirts, vests, and overcoats crafted from luxurious wool, cotton, linen, or blended fibers. Omar’s custom footwear offering provides a unique twist in that any client can simply go onto the site and use his 3D design tool to create their very own loafer, monkstrap, chelsea boot, slipper, boat shoe, golf oxford, and so much more. For normal suiting requests, Omar will travel to the client’s home or office to review fabrics, gather the necessary measurements and build out each garment.

Omar loves giving back to the community and especially to phenomenal causes that impact so many lives. A portion of all his business proceeds directly benefit two outstanding charities which he encourages everyone to visit (The Auditory Verbal Center and 40 Girls & Some Shoes).

For any and all inquiries, contact Brew@oskstyles.com or follow his journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr (@oskstyles).