Bombombs are literally exploding all over TikTok and popular foodie sites. The perfectly wrapped, visually stunning, and delightfully interactive and crave-worthy delicious indulgence we need.

Thoughtfully Gifts has made a big impression on Amazon marketplace with cleverly curated sets devised to excite food enthusiasts from spice hounds to barbecue geeks to home mixologists. It has also made a big impact in conscientious gift-giving through its “Thoughtfully initiative” which directs a percentage of proceeds to local, regional, and national non-profit organizations.

Their biggest “breakthrough hit” is the cocoa bomb, which is selling out at Costco under the “Bombomb” private label and whetting appetites with its viral social media posts. The “bombs” arrive on the shelves looking like a package of 16 innocent-looking holiday ornaments. However, lurking beneath each festive foil wrapper is something that brings the excitement of fine dining desserts and molecular cuisine a la Jose Andres into every home.

bombombs millennium magazineUnwrap a chosen flavor (salted caramel-gold, strawberry-red, s’mores-brown or milk chocolate-silver), place it in a mug, pour steamed hot milk on it and wait a few seconds to watch the real magic to happen. The alchemy that begins when steaming milk melts the outer layer to reveal marshmallows and other ingredients has captured the imagination of thousands.

While some liken this food phenomenon to an “edible bath bomb,” others have propelled it to viral heights through video demos and hashtags like #hotcocoabomb and @getbomboms.