Radiate good health and a glowing complexion with these superfood skin treats.

Everyone needs greens. They’re good for you, so learn to love them, which most of us learn to appreciate as we grow up.   And if we don’t eat enough of them, we compensate by pulverizing them into a drink or swallowing a tablet the contents of which may or may not enter the bloodstream enough to make a difference.

We also know that when times are stressful, nutrition goes by the wayside and comfort food becomes the sustenance of choice.

While you may put your body on the back burner, what about your skin? Stress and dehydration can wreak havoc on our most precious commodity, and an unhealthy diet eventually makes a dermal appearance.  When it comes to skin, superfoods are known to feed the skin the same way as it does the body when ingested- by quenching it with antioxidants that kill free radicals and promote an optimal environment.  Most significantly, these nutrients are delivered directly to the skin and feed its appetite for nourishment.

If your diet is taking a vacation, we forgive you, but don’t drag your skin down.  Instead, feed your face with these good enough to eat beauty brands that deliver the superfood goods where you need them most.

john masters organics millennium magazineJOHN MASTERS ORGANICS

Once Upon a time in 1994, a posh Manhatten salon owner had an epiphany that harsh chemicals were bad for hair, skin, and the environment.  So remarkable was his passion for healthy and holistic living, that he abandoned his thriving salon and devoted his practice to clean hair care.

Using only the purest organic ingredients, John Masters opened the first organic salon in Soho.  This was long before clean beauty was a “thing.”   A true visionary, his formulas contained no damaging colorants or chemicals.  John Masters started the clean revolution and his decades of experience that started in the kitchen sink have evolved into a global brand that encompasses a comprehensive line of hair, skin, and body care.

ceramiracle o cali nature millennium


Indie brand Ceramiracle is already a fairytale of the beauty world.  Their First Light Serum is an international sensation that includes an impressive roster of celebrity testimonials.  The California-based and K-Beauty inspired brand has just released an entire line of superfood charged skincare – O’Cali Nature Collection.

Born from the love of California, Ceramiracle has created an entire collection dedicated to stepping up and taking responsibility for health and impact on the environment.

Staying true to its promise of caring for the environment, all of the packaging is made using sugarcane PE, a sustainable, renewable, and zero-carbon emission material. Ceramiracle proudly continues its partnership with 1% For the Planet, committing 1% of their O’Cali Nature revenue to support our oceans.

Edible Beauty

From the bountiful land down under, Edible Beauty utilizes Australia’s abundance of nature to achieve radiance, vitality, and a more youthful appearance.  Founded on a holistic philosophy of beauty from the inside out, their wildcrafted product range epitomizes the union of purity, luxury, and longevity.  Oh, and the glass bottles employ a centuries-old technique that prohibits oxidation caused by visible light which extends the life and potency of each product.

For the Biome Millennium MagazineFor The Biome

When you are ready and willing to swap pretty packaging for superfood power,  then For The Biome has a place in your skincare diet.  Founded by master herbalist Paul Schulick, fully active botanicals, and wholly non-disruptive ingredients are used to transform skin into its purest state. Your microbiome’s evolutionary wisdom is awakened, empowering skin to remain healthy in the face of stress.

Their latest release and skin game-changer powered by ingredients found deep in the Sinai desert.  Shield Face Serum unites 8 plant extracts that are worth their reverential weight in gold. Stronger together than they are apart, a myriad of vitamin-rich nutrients lavish your skin with fortifying omega 3 + 6 fatty acids, rejuvenating phytosterols, and soothing tocopherols for a harmonious symphony of actives.


Sweet Chef

From the upstarts behind best-selling Glow Recipe, Sweet Chef puts you in control of your beauty recipe book.  Inspired by the K-brand trend of serum layering, the plant, and vitamin-packed product line is the skincare equivalent of a superfood smoothie.  Choose the ingredients you like or need, mix them around a bit, and press gently onto skin.  Vegan, organic, Leaping Bunny certified, and ridiculously affordable.









 Babies need to be fed.  So do new moms (and dads).  And that does not mean oral only.  Babies need superfoods as much as they need air and mom’s loving arms.  It took a venture capital investor from Malaysia to finally fill the skincare void – non-toxic mommy and baby care that could be both affordable, pure, and luxurious.

The Evereden product line, launched in March 2018 by Kimberly Ho and some Ivy League dermatologists was designed for the modern new mom (or dad) with her own clean and green preferences for natural skincare.  Our well-informed parent knows her cosmetic ingredients and what makes some products more “natural” than others.  She is willing to spend a bit extra to know only the purest products are touching her baby’s skin as well as her own changing skin needs.

Filled with nourishing ingredients such as cold-processed sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, aloe leaf juice, avocado, and other elements found in higher-end cosmetics, Evereden has become a celebrity favorite.  Singer Christina Milian has boasted about the brand with photos on Instagram posing with her son Isaiah.  Accolades have been heard from Forbes, Fast Company, Vogue, and cosmetics legend Bobbi Brown.

Four Sigmatic

When we said good enough to eat, we weren’t kidding. Already famous for their mushroom and adaptagenic herbs coffee and elixirs, Four Sigmatic skincare doubles as a drinkable tonic. The ground-breaking brews are infused with organic superfoods including reishi and Chaga to beautify skin from the outside in and the inside out.  Both the Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic and Superfood Serum work in synergy to prevent dehydration, inflammation, and fine lines and promote a smoother and more firm complexion.

WOW Skin Science

WOW Skin Science formulates plant-powered solutions backed by science.  Bridging the gap between homeopathic remedies and modern science, WOW products are powered by bioactive ingredients to address all hair and wellness concerns. The highly effective hair care, body lotions and washes, and essential oils are made in India applying ancient knowledge and loving preparation.  And no other brand makes an Oud Shampoo & Body Wash!