Six Ways To Calm Your Anxiety

Anxiety is quite possibly one of the most debilitating mental health conditions today. It can make you feel a huge swing in your emotions, it can make you feel exhausted, nervous, worried and scared all at once. The feelings of anxiety can make you feel like your everyday activities are much harder to manage, and while you may initially dismiss what you’re feeling as overthinking or overreacting, anxiety cannot just be brushed aside. This is a real illness, and as with anything, you need to get some help.

Unfortunately, the causes of anxiety are so broad that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the cause will be for you. What triggers anxiety attacks in one person will be completely different in another person. Environment, brain changes and even genetics all play a part, but often it can be a trauma response to things that aren’t resolved, or have affected you so thoroughly that it’s impossible to get through. Anxiety can affect you physically as much as it can mentally, too, and the best thing that you can do is learn to manage it, calm it and keep the anxiety attacks at bay as much as possible. The answer, then, is to work out as many possible ways to cure and reduce your anxiety as possible. If you can calm it, you can reduce the frequency of the attacks. With this in mind, here are six effective ways to calm your anxiety.

  • Movement. Exercise releases endorphins and offers you a way to curb your anxiety and make you feel calm. You’re burning off your adrenaline as you move, and it’s the best solution for a number of health issues. It makes total sense as when you are exercising, you’re not focusing on your anxiety. You’re spending time thinking about the moves you are making and it’s no secret that exercise is going to make your body feel good. If you can motivate yourself to make your body feel good, your mind will follow. Exercise is a stress buster, and it’s exactly what you need to help you to dissipate the anxiety.
  • Natural Remedies. Whether you’re a believer in herbal tea, or you’re looking into hemp-derived CBD oil, natural remedies are always there for you to pick up with. Chamomile tea and LUSH sleepy cream are all about aromatherapy to help you to relax. If you can add some natural remedies to your day, you may find that you are able to stave off the need for conventional medicines and tablets. This can be a huge help when you are trying to get a handle on anxiety.
  • Start A Journal. Writing out your worries and your fears as you experience them can help you to get it all out on paper. Once you start channelling those worries, you’re going to be able to face the things that are stressing you out. Taking a proactive step towards managing the things that are worrying you will help. It’s been proven that writing down the stressors and triggers can help you to better identify scenarios that will need your attention. Pouring out the things in your mind that can make you feel tense will help you to understand why you feel the way that you do in certain situations.
  • Be Mindful. How gentle are you with yourself? One of the best ways that you can manage and ease anxiety is to practice being more mindful with yourself. Paying attention to things that you would usually rush through is going to help you to have a sense of calm. You want to keep your mind directed toward positivity and not things that are harmful, and taking your time to get through things that usually you would be doing fast to “get it over with”. Meditation can be a big help here and you can then learn some techniques to find your calm when life just isn’t any kind of calm at all.
  • Personal Care. Looking after your eating and sleeping is going to help you to remain calm. Choose whole foods that will make you feel good on the inside, and you’ll be able to manage the triggers. Food sensitivity can lead to triggers in your anxiety, but you can learn these through journaling and learn what to avoid.
  • Hydrate. Coffee and alcohol need to be put down for a while. You don’t have to give them up for good, but a firm reduction is a must. These are both stimulants, and it’s important to ensure that the caffeine in your system is only ever introduced in the morning. Too late, and you will be unable to sleep, which can undo all your hard work.