Couple’s Goals: Jamal the Creative and Chantelle Rose

Jamal the Creative  and ChantellexRose are on a mission to spread positivity and love through their social media content. They’re also spreading lots of laughs along the way. 

Jamal of Jamal the Creative Youtube fame and his girlfriend ChantellexRose are couples goals. The two create content that is relatable for anyone in a relationship. And that’s their goal. Together they’re both focused on promoting the ideals of healthy relationships for couples, something sometimes overlooked in today’s society. When I sat down to chat with the Atlanta-based couple, their respect for each other couldn’t have been more evident. Genuinely funny, charming and business savvy, Jamal and Chantelle had me laughing and wishing to one day find a relationship just like theirs. 

MILLENNIUM MAGAZINE: First things first. How did the two of you meet? 

Jamal: We met through the dating app Hinge, but we’d later found out that we’d crossed paths in life many times before we actually met. We were both coming out of relationships and not really looking for anything serious. But, I can tell you that the day we were meeting for our first date, the sun came out after days of rain. We then realized our similarities: we were both flight attendants for the same airline, both of us were born in Brooklyn, NY and my business partner has worked with Chantelle’s dad in the past. 

MM: When did you first start posting videos and realize the content you wanted to provide? 

Jamal: I’ve been doing my Youtube videos since 2014. As soon as I met her I realized that she was funnier than me, so I needed to use her for content,” he says jokingly. My Youtube content is from the perspective of a single black man, but I’ve always been a relationship guy. When we met, I realized they could build something together not just with the relationship, but with the content as well. I’m the funny guy and Chantelle is the relatable one. 

Chantelle: We both put a lot of value in promoting healthy relationships. The topics of mental health, healthy relationships, healing from past relationships, these are all things we both like to focus on in our content. 

MM: How do you come up with your ideas, and how does that creative process look like? 

Jamal and Chantelle: We draw inspiration from relationships, and what we observe. We’ve grown so much that many times people give us ideas. We draw from real life. We start with what’s relatable at the core of it. Even if it’s funny, if you invoke feelings in someone, you win. We just tell it in different, funny ways. 

Jamal: Chantelle will come up with the idea, but she needs me to execute it with my experience in video editing. Chantelle is an experienced actor, so she knows how to bring it to the camera. It could be a spur of the moment idea. We could come up with an idea in our sleep or even in the shower. We might go back to film something. We also live near some other creators, so we have others who can help us film content. Youtube is more of a production. We like to get straight to the point though!

MM: How actual is it a portrayal of your real life? 

Jamal and Chantelle: Chantelle does wear my hoodies. While it’s not always about us,we’re making sure we’re creating something relatable to other couples. It might be about 50% accurate to our own lives. 

MM: How many days a week do you film? 

Jamal and Chantelle: Everyday except Sunday. We are always in grind mode, but it’s important that we take Sundays off and step away from the cameras. Filming only takesThey have different style of work. Sundays is their day off. It takes us maybe an hour to film per day. They sometimes collaborate with other people. 

MM: What are some goals for the two of you? 

Jamal: We want to be “The biggest couple in Atlanta.” I have an ego. I’m a scorpio and I’m extremely passionate about everything I do. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t want to be famous. I don’t know if we get time after we die. If we are here on earth once, I want to go after my dreams. It’s important for both of us to try to change the narrative in terms of relationships and healthy relationships and that’s our main goal. We plan on starting a podcast this month with the same message. It will be more of us talking about our relationships, our healing. Life is about relationships and we want that to be our brand. 

MM: How do you both feel about putting yourselves out there so publicly? Obviously there can sometimes be some drawbacks to that public life. Have you ever experienced negative comments or haters? 

Chantelle: It’s been harder for me to navigate this because I’m somewhat new to this space. When we are putting ourselves and our relationship out there, it was harder at first. I had to learn how to turn that off and not care about it. A year in and I realize there will always be your haters out there, but you have to turn it off. Now I laugh about the comments. I know that our content comes from a place of good intentions; and if people find something negative, that’s their own issue. 

MM: Are there ever those times when you’re feeling creatively challenged and having a hard time coming up with new content? How do you combat that? 

Jamal: I go back to old videos and look at old things and think about ways to recreate things. Or I’ll scroll Instagram for ideas from other creators. 

Chantelle: I will scroll through TikTok, but if we’re burnt out then we won’t post that day. We give ourselves a mental break if we need it. That’s really important.  We also make sure we have days with friends and family so that we can refresh and have our own separate time doing our own thing. It brings us back refreshed and ready to create new content. 

MM: Is it hard to separate from the social media/creative aspect? 

Jamal: I have a lot of momentum and can keep going, but Chantelle knows that she needs her downtime. Chantelle is able to separate. But we’re having fun and it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s something that just comes and it’s always there. 

MM: What does five years from now look like to you both? 

Jamal: Condo in LA. House and condo in Atlanta. Brownstone in Brooklyn. Two plots of land in Zanzibar that we’d rent out. We’ll have just had our third child. Career-wise, we’d have the  #1 podcast, 1 million followers, the world at our fingertips. Maybe we’ll have a successful merchandise line. Most importantly, we’d be using our creativity and success to have more influence in the world. 

Chantelle: I agree that children are on the horizon. I just want to build a strong community across the board of people who support each other and can pour into the community, continuing to create love and respect between people. We want to build a community of people who ride with us on this journey. We really want to infiltrate every area of life with positivity. 

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