It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to say, “Hey I need a hook-up!” So MILLENNIUM MAGAZINE is hooking you up with WÓDKA! An honest vodka, made by people who love the spirit, so we’ll give it to you straight. It seems Vodka has a hotly contested history. Some may tell you it originated in Russia, but in truth it definitely, probably comes from Poland. That’s why WÓDKA Vodka is made in Poland, with Polish ingredients, in a classically Polish, clear cut, authoritative style. And pairs beautifully with Q Mixers

Wodka secures the freshest rye, then they mill it, cook it, and ferment it. In fact, they meticulously distill it five times, mellow it through a charcoal filter twice. Then they let it sit and well, basically, chill. What happens next? The result is no-frills but with a twist, a high-quality vodka that tastes good in cocktails and also tastes good straight, the MILLENNIUM team enjoys it on the rocks with a squeeze of fresh lime. OK so the more adventurous among us may crave a Cosmo or two much less a Moscow Mule but hey, we’ll start with a cool shot jazzed with more than a hint of citrus. In fact, at the events for Ted Barkhorn Fine Art Photographer at the fab gallery space run by NOVO down at 263 Bowery, editors, writers and guests even celebrities downed Q mixers carbonated Grapefruit mixed with WODKA and topped with a slice of this sweet-tart fruit. An instant hit! Had them lining up for more. In fact, this rosy pink sensation got the crowd’s attention at the art pop up by Art Apple at SIXTY LES on Allen Street.

And it was enjoyed by the crowd at the opening of Fine Art Photographer Ted Barkhorn’s show at 263 Bowery whose special guests included Opera Star Alyson Cambridge, Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and Elizabeth Shafiroff, President and Co-Founder- Global Strays, the international animal rescue charity as well as Catherine Marion, designer, founder, JEMILY FINE JEWELRY

You see it’s not history that makes WÓDKA great. The heritage there is – well, it is something to be proud of. WODKA is one of the last estate-grown Polish rye vodkas left, and the distillery is near Kalisz, the oldest town in Poland, famous even in Roman times for its rye. Everything WODKA uses is Polish, even the charcoal (a unique Polish birch), and especially the rye: locally grown Dankowskie, a golden winter variant – FYI this is something vodka nerds agree is very good stuff.

Millennium owner and publisher Warren Woodberry celebrates Ted Barkhorn’s fine art photography with a glass of Wodka at NOVO LOCALE 263 Bowery.