Open Me When

Need to find a unique treasure for any special someone?  Check out Beatrice and Eli’s solution to this dilemma from @openmewhenbox and

Their company has been featured in Glamour, Vogue, GQ, and Good Housekeeping!

(Their story is as cute as they are!)

After falling in love and getting married, they continued Beatrice’s family tradition of the idea for Open Me When, which originated from Beatrice’s memories of helping out at her parent’s company every holiday season.

Beatrice and her mom created custom packages of wrapped items and stories to send to clients; these boxes quickly became a greatly anticipated yearly tradition.

Now, Open Me When offers both curated boxes filtered by themes or a Build-Your-Own Box option, all within price points that suit any budget.

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous white box with a big white bow!

Open me when?  Now!!!! (I already pulled off the white bow before I took this photo–too impulsive, my bad.)

Inside lay so many hidden treasures, all wrapped individually, with such delicacy, trimmed with gorgeous double-sided paper, which was designer itself.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that upon lifting the lid, the tableau of gifts inside was gift enough.

I just looked at how pretty everything was…for me?

Therein lies their secret: you never know what you’re going to get!  I unwrapped like an eight-year-old at a birthday party.  And look what I got!

  • A 22 karat gold screen printed candle smelling of grapefruit and bergamot with pretty little matches to light
  • A variety of specialty cooking salts and rubs
  • An adorable gold pineapple bottle opener
  • Colorful and poppy hair ties
  • A beautifully written thank you note from Beatrice

Let me tell you, this was SO MUCH better than opening any brown ubiquitous box on your doorstep.

Beatrice and Eli’s story is beautiful, their website is beautiful, their gifts and packaging are beautiful, and you’ll feel beautiful upon giving (or receiving).

Check them out! @openmewhenbox and

Also stay tuned for another opening: @beasdetroit

XO, Meg