Fulfill by Brooke

I’ve thought about getting a tattoo many times in my life.  (I never have though.)  I’m too whimsical with words.  Words are everything to me. How could I choose just a few to symbolize me, my life, my mantras?

Luckily, @fulfillbybrooke allows me to change my favorite inspirational quotes whenever the wind blows in life.

They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.

I chose this heartfelt quote from one of my many writer’s notebooks.  It’s helped me through lots of various times in my life.  Now I get to look at it each day I wear this, wrapped around my wrist in turquoise suede.

My daughter chose a black leather band saying, “There’s something in me that the world needs.

We all need to hear that.

Not only does @fulfillbybrooke hand make these bracelets, but her earrings are so bohemian and fun, I’m ordering a feathery pair next, unless she sells out.

Check out her stuff.  It’s unique.  And chic.

What’s your quote to get you through the day? Wear it.  Live it.  Be it.

Instagram: @fulfillbybrooke