Invest In Things You Can Use And Enjoy

Investing often involves putting money away somewhere and then having to wait years to gain any reward from it. However, there is another way to invest – and that is to invest in tangible things that you can use and enjoy while they continue to gain value. The biggest advantage of these investments is that even if they lose value, you’ll still have gotten some benefit out of them (unlike losing money by investing in the wrong stock or cryptocurrency). Below are just some of the investments that you don’t have to wait to benefit from.

Real estate

Buying a home is the most rewarding investment you can make. You get to live in it and decorate it how you want – and if you do decide to sell it one day, you could make a return. If your home does lose value, you’ll still have gotten plenty of practical use out of it, making it a worthwhile use of your money either way. 

Investing in a vacation home could also have similar benefits. While you’ll likely have to rent it out to other guests throughout the year to cover bills and make a return, you’ll still be able to use it for personal use – making it something that you can enjoy as it earns you money.

Property is not cheap of course and affording a down payment is not easy for many people. However, with patience and commitment, you can build up the funds to invest in real estate. Just make sure to target real estate that you will enjoy spending time in and not just properties that you think will appreciate over the years.


Watches and jewellery can also appreciate in value over the years. They also happen to be items that you can get use out of by wearing them. Even if they don’t rise in value, you’ve still got a nice bit of bling on your wrist.

It’s worth noting that not all watches and jewellery will gain value. Usually, you have to invest in luxury brands like Rolex or Cartier, or rare items made from precious metals. These items don’t come cheap and so it’s important that you actually have a genuine interest in wearing them. Keeping them in good condition is also important. 

Antiques and art

Many antiques and works of art will gain value if they are kept in good condition. At the same time, they are items that you can enjoy displaying around your home. If they don’t gain value, you’ll still have out them to use and they won’t feel like a waste of money.

It’s important to be selective when choosing antiques and art. Not all items will gain value – they often need to be rare while carrying a certain level of recognition. You also need to be sure that you like the antiques/art that you are buying so that you feel proud displaying it in your home.


If you’re a music enthusiast, collecting first pressings of vinyl records could be a fun hobby and a great way of listening to your favourite music. At the same time, many of these records could increase in value over time.

Vinyl won’t make you as big a return as some of the other investments on this list. However, it’s still a way to potentially make a profit from buying things you can enjoy using – as opposed to collectibles like coins and stamps.