Modern-Day Hatchback Versus Sedan 

Vehicle manufacturing has come a long way since the first production hatchback vehicles were released by Citroen in 1938, called the 11CV Comerciale. Hatchbacks have earned their spot in the limelight as being one the most popular vehicles worldwide, seeing as it’s smaller, cheaper, and easier to handle. Sedans, on the other hand, stands firm as one of the most popular body types. It is as if the slightly larger, more spacious vehicle has stuck to our modern-day living trends and lifestyle, these sedans are just an overall better vehicle for most individuals.

We also no longer live in a time where taking a road trip in a hatchback is a bad idea and almost always ends as an unpleasant experience. Driving faster than 80 kilometers per hour would result in the small, fragile mechanisms almost falling apart, and the rattling noise from the soda cans in the inconveniently located cup holders doesn’t do it much justice either. Sedans have always been a more modern looking, comfortable vehicle, competing with everything else in its class and ranking as the number 1 most used and best selling vehicle EVER worldwide. 

Car Hyundai I30 Sedan, Auto Show Zagreb 2018

#1 Modern-day technology transforming vehicles

In 2021 as in any other year, vehicle manufacturers announced their new models for the upcoming year late in 2020. We always hear that these new models will be life-changing with the best technology and drivability of a high-class SUV, with enough storage space and best convenience for the mid-city and also highway commuting. But in past years this has not always been the case, with low quality, cheaply built small cars that need a 140 mph wind gust to overtake a bus driving no faster than 80 mph. In these circumstances, the hatchback could not always keep up with the sedan. Well, the good news is that they are actually in the process of delivering the improvements they’ve been promising for years. Out of all the manufacturers who are launching new hatchbacks and sedans, most of the cars come standard with top of the range technology. 

From 8 – 12 inch integrated displays featuring Apple car play and Android wireless car play. Our new trendy robust vehicles can now even keep our sunglasses safe in a special compartment. This is without mentioning the state of the art drivability technology, whereas your everyday vehicle can help you change lanes and even features autonomous braking for when your reaction time may be just too late. Advances of this nature in an everyday car suggests that this type of technology provides the ultimate driving experience for far more people.

Car, Hyundai I30 N, Auto Show Zagreb 2018

#2 Pricing of modern-day vehicles  

So, not at all surprising, together with the technology fitted in these newly found classy sought after hatchback cars comes a questionable price tag. The quality of hatchback vehicles is on the rise, but the price is on the steeper side of things. The Cost of these cars has increased dramatically in the last few years, and now they almost come close to the price of a sedan, offering everything you could want. The question now remains – Is this a value for money purchase? And can hatchbacks compete with other sought after body shapes in the future? One vehicle manufacturer made a great impression on the consumer this year. Hyundai recently announced the new 2021 Hyundai I30 price and specs. Their range of vehicles launched, and surprisingly the competitive Japanese Manufacturer was able to supply a hatchback and sedan at almost the same price. Since then, the Hyundai Sedan has already been awarded car of the month for November 2020. 

Now, having to decide in which direction to go after all your research has been done. Quite frankly, the sedan just offers more – more space, more depth, and more class. But this does not mean that it will automatically be the car that suits you best. The two different vehicles were designed for utterly different lifestyles. If you need more space, a larger cargo area, and seats for children, you’re looking at a sedan. On the other hand, if you don’t need the space and spend most of your time in the city, and need something maneuverable and more economic, the hatchback might be a better pick. You can always evaluate your circumstances, give them both a test-drive, and make sure to keep the next five years in mind when purchasing a car of this magnitude.