Study: The Most Popular Interior Design Style in Every State

Rae Duncan Interior Design recently analyzed where in America there is the most interest in researching interior design styles. They also determined which design style is most popular over the past year by calculating search volume per capita in each of the 50 states and 25 largest cities in the United States.

Here’s what they found:

  • Search terms related to interior design have increased by 148% in the past year. That’s no surprise, seeing that we’re’ all spending more time in our homes during COVID-19.
  • These interior design styles have seen the largest increase in search volume: 1. Farmhouse (+41%) 2. Modern farmhouse (+32%) 3. Hollywood regency (+18%) 4. Bohemian (+17%) 5. Modern country (+15%).
  • Global interior design was the most searched for style in 15 states making it the most popular design style nationwide.
  • Farmhouse interior design was the most searched for style in 12 states making it the 2nd most popular design style nationwide.
  • In most regions including the West, Midwest and Northeast, a globally-inspired interior design style was the most popular. The Southwest is split evening between the southwestern and farmhouse styles, while the Southeast is dominated by farmhouse trends.

Take a look at the full report.