Hotel Crescent Court: Quintessentially Texan

Visiting Dallas and want to experience southern sophistication during your stay? Well, the Hotel Crescent Court is the epitome of New Southern luxury, and Texas charm.

Hotel Crescent Court melds Dallas sophistication and heritage into an experience that truly represents a proud legacy Texans are proud of.

The Crescent was founded by Caroline Rose Hunt, an American heiress, hotelier and philanthropist who was at one time the wealthiest woman in the United States. She took 13 acres what was a car lot and created The Crescent — one of the most beautiful Philip Johnson buildings in America. She is known for having been the founder of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, which she opened in 1979.

Hunt picked out all the hotel’s art at auction from Europe. Its slate tiles on the roof were imported from Europe. She wanted the property to have a French look and service based on her travel experience.

Hunt passed in 2018 after suffering from a stroke.

The landmark 32-year-old Uptown Dallas Hotel is now owned by the Fort Worth-based developer Crescent Real Estate. The Crescent Court is the 4th highest-rated hotel in Dallas according to TripAdvisor, and one of the most expensive, regularly clocking $200 to $1,000 a night for rooms.

The property features 186 rooms and 40 suites complete with custom-scented Molton Brown amenities and a contemporary blush, cream and gray color scheme. One may never notice that the hotel was built in 1986. A recent $33 million renovation is so well done, that the property looks like a total new build. The renovations maintained the historic feel of the old property while bringing the modern appeal of the millennium.

Crescent Court Hotel
Crescent Court Hotel

The hotel was built under the design direction of award-winning architect Philip Johnson, who used “more limestone than the Empire State Building” to build the expansive, French-inspired estate. This luxurious property features art from Hunt’s personal collection and includes a 2,000-year-old marble sculpture of the Greek god Aesculapius. All of the opulence is accompanied by a very attentive staff that is quick to assist, ready to answer guest questions or offer up good suggestions for a relaxing stay.

The suite experienced by Millennium Magazine was decorated with subtle traditional fixtures and designs. Brass lamps, gold chandelier with light bulb strobes that resemble meteors falling from the sky.

The suite is laid out like a high-end condo, bathed in functional bland colors of beige and gray that are simple and comforting. Low lighting is soothing and museum style, abstract art grace walls throughout the space.

The dining table sits just beneath the meteor chandelier and is great for conference meetings in addition to dining.

The living room setting is very homey, with a plush sofa, coffee table stocked with trendy magazines, and a large screen TV. A darling chaise lounge sits in front of an expansive window offering amble natural light as it faces an office building across the court yard.

A marble top table in a corner serves for an office desk with phone facing the window, just in view of the television with usb and outlets in arms reach. In fact there are plenty of outlets for charging stations throughout the suite for mobile devices.

A full kitchen with a mini bar well stocked with snacks and refreshments, along with a chef’s table offers plenty of space for food prep and entertaining guests.

In the bath, the mirrors have adjustable lighting ideal for doing make up. The flooring is cool white marble that continue into the shower.

Departing the suite can be difficult once settled in but you don’t have to go far to immerse in the luxury of Dallas. Explore the city around via the luxe house car, which offers complimentary service within a four- mile radius – notable mentions include the Dallas Arts District, Klyde Warren Park and Deep Ellum. Plus, there are more than a dozen surrounding restaurants and bars, including the new Beau Nash hotel bar in the lobby, offering more than 30 types of by-the-glass bubbly.

Beau Nash, named after two cats that used to hang out at the hotel under the previous owners, serves a randy smoked Old Fashion, topped with an orange peel. As you sip drinks at the bar on some nights there is live music. A tapas menu offers quick bites to go along with your drinks.

At the hotel restaurant, NOBU a very hip restaurant with Asian themes offers up a tapas menu with delicious salmon avocado rolls, Chilean sea bass, and tempura tacos on buttery crispy hard shells that will melt in your mouth. Pair them with the sweet and tangy MIA margarita.

If you book your stay over a Sunday, enjoy the Bottomless Lobster Brunch breakfast  at The Crescent Club located on the 17th floor of the Crescent Complex’s center office tower, across the courtyard from the hotel. The decadent brunch-lunch mashup will please palates with an unlimited seafood-centric buffet with bubbly mimosas to wash it all down. Here you will truly know what it’s like to be a rich Texan as you savor delights in dining rooms with decors of imported wood and marble looking out onto the most stunning views of the Dallas skyline.

Staff at the Crescent Club are friendly and make you feel like a local as they engage in small talk while offering exceptional service. There are few diners which makes for a calm environment to sip tea in peace. Patrons are mostly family and couples spending a quiet brunch together. We recommend the sea bass with its buttery flavor and lobster-like texture. Join the fish with whipped potatoes and asparagus.

Those not into seafood can enjoy traditional breakfast foods. Have a chef serve up a fresh omelet to your liking or go light and healthy with plenty of fruits and veggies.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, catch one of the Texas sport teams battle it out in a game on screens around the bar at Moxies located on the ground level of the Crescent Complex. Locals come in for the food and drinks, but mainly socializing. A glass of California Chardonnay paired with Scottish salmon with ancient grains and seasonal veggies is a good choice.

After plenty of hearty meals in Dallas you will want to work off some calories in the hotel Fitness Center. This gym is a prestigious club where members have their names etched on lockers and the gents can leave their shoes to be shined while shedding pounds. The full-service gym can also be used for rehabilitations and is frequented by members of professional Dallas sports teams.

What truly sets this club apart is its Cryotherapy chamber. Under the guidance of an attendant, you step into a cylinder that closes around your body up to your neck as spend up to 3 minutes of having frigid air blast on your body with temperatures as low as -220°. The treatment is said to give a quick boost of energy and could be an  alternative treatment and preventative for many ailments.

Visiting Dallas one can see why Texas in recent years has drawn more and more people for a lifestyle change, affordable housing and great employment. Residents from New York and California are leading the migration south. A number of hotel guests have made The Crescent their home away from home as they seek permanent housing or have their Texas home remodeled or built.

The hotel’s  Presidential suite is popular for extended stays. It’s a duplex with grand piano where Mariah Carey once stayed for 10 days. It has connecting suites that can make it a 5-bedroom space on the 7th floor.

The Crescent Experience is truly unique!

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