The Ultimate Guide To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

In the current economic climate, many people are considering their living arrangements. While people were once eager to be in the thick of it, they wanted to be in the city center with great transport links, and they were keen on securing excellent schools for their children, their priorities have now changed. Outdoor space, rural living, and natural light are now more important. This has made a surge of properties appear on the market as families are keen to move on to pastures new.

If you are a family eager to begin a new adventure, you will want to get your home on the market and sold quickly. Without the equity released from your home, you won’t have the financial backing necessary to facilitate a move. This is why you want to sell quickly and for the largest amount possible. Take a look at these simple strategies that you can employ if you are eager to begin a new post-pandemic chapter. 

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It may sound counterintuitive to spend money on your dwelling when you are keen to sell it, but sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate. With some simple renovations that you can do yourself and that won’t cost the Earth, you can make your home so much more desirable. In a competitive housing market with lots of houses flooding the online property sites, buyers have their pick of new pads. You need your home to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the bricks and mortar otherwise you run the risk of your home stagnating and becoming an old fissure in a fast paced market.

Consider your home with your head rather than your heart. The chances are, that over the years, you have personalized your pad to within an inch of its life. You might have family photos everywhere, you might have knick-knacks adorning every shelf and your bookcase might be full of CDs, DVDs and clutter. This can make a home feel crowded and lacking in space. The first thing that you need to do in your pad is to go on a decluttering mission.

Go room by room in your house and make three piles in each. One of these will be straight for landfill, one will be a donation pile, and one will be to sell. If you haven’t used an item in over twelve months, it needs to go in one of these piles. Sentimental things like drawings by the kids can go up in the attic and put away for now while you sell your current home, ready to be brought out in your new dwelling. The sell pile could be a great way of earning a bit of extra cash as a side hustle which is a lovely bonus when you are looking at the costly house movers and lawyer’s fees.

Decluttering is a great way to show off the space within your home. With less ‘stuff’ you will be able to see more wall space, more floor space, and the windows will suddenly be allowed to let more light in. To maximize the light further, it might be time to whip out the white sheen finish paint. While you love the deep damson hue in the dining room, it can make the room feel drab, dark, and small. A lighter color will bounce the available natural light across the room and it will act as a blank canvas for any potential buyer to stamp their mark on the place.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

The most important rooms in your house are the kitchen and the bathroom. While living rooms were once the hub of the home, this has now been replaced by the dining kitchen. Here, moms and dads can rustle up a storm while the kids are doing their homework, the adults can chat with friends over coffee, and many a date night can be enjoyed. Your kitchen needs to be able to cater to this twenty first century lifestyle. Ensure that your units are fit for purpose. Any loose door handles or scuffed work surfaces will cheapen the look of your home and it won’t sell as fast. To combat this, you may think that you need a whole new kitchen. This costly renovation wouldn’t be wise. Instead, you can do a DIY job and enjoy swapping the doors and handles for more modern fixtures.

You could also purchase some applicators to make your drawers and cupboard doors close softly without the dreaded bang. If the worktop has seen better days, swap it. For a few hundred dollars, you can find yourself with a brand new looking kitchen that is ready for sale. This should be an asset of your home. Take the vacation magnets off the refrigerator, make sure the fire is lit, and make sure that you have some homemade bread baking in the oven when you have a viewing. This sounds gimmicky, but the subliminal messages you send out with these homely vibes could be the difference between an offer and your buyers walking away.

The bathroom of your home also needs to look the part. These small rooms in our homes are often overlooked but put in the effort with a cheap new suite and you could have something that emulates a boutique spa. By creating a look that emulates the many luxury homes for sale near you, you can create a lifestyle that buyers cannot resist. The avocado green 1980s bathroom suite that you have put up with over the years needs to go. While it was once in fashion, it will never be so again. White tubs, sinks, and toilets are the way to go. They are clean and fresh looking, and will brighten up even the smallest of bathrooms.

Couple your suite with a fresh lick of paint and ensure that you clean your grouting. Black mold and grease can develop making the room look tired and unclean. Grout mold removers of an industrial strength will quickly have your bathroom looking like new again in an afternoon of hard scrubbing.

When your kitchen and bathroom have been given a new lease of life, you will be surprised at just how many more people will be interested in your pad. It is this simple tweak that will make your home so much more desirable and help your pad sell faster.

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The Outside

The exterior of your home cannot be overlooked. You need to consider the driveway and frontage of your home as a vital aspect of your renovations. This will be the first thing your potential buyers see when they first see your home. It cannot have weeds emerging from the paving cracks, it needs to be well-coiffed, and any triffid-like plants need removing. By creating a pad that has real curb appeal, you create a positive first impression immediately.

The exterior of your property should be neat and tidy. You don’t need to create a show garden, but the lawn needs to be mowed, the flowers need to be pruned and the hedge needs to be straight. Tidy away the garbage cans if you can and make your home just that little bit brighter. Repaint the render if it’s looking grubby and enjoy cleaning down your fascias and front door. 

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a hugely stressful experience. You need to be empathetic to your potential buyers and try to seduce them with a lifestyle. Follow this guide and you can sell your home fast for the maximum price possible.