Your Guide To Taking Out A Boiler Cover For Your Home

Plumber working on central heating boiler

For those who aren’t aware, a boiler cover is essentially an insurance policy one takes to insure their boiler. In case their boiler breaks down, needs maintenance, or needs to be updated – it is all take car of by their insurance policy and gives them the peace of mind they deserve. Many boiler cover policies also include an annual boiler servicing, in which an engineer from your insurance company services your boiler to make sure that it is up and working, and to check for any maintenance work that may be needed. A boiler cover policy can also essentially be dealing with any central heating your home may have, electrical wiring, and drainage. However, one boiler cover policy may differ from another and you may need to check for boiler cover info in detail.

What does a boiler cover include?

A boiler cover essentially covers all repairs associated with your boiler, and this includes and labor or spare part expenses that you may have incurred for the repairs. However, each cover from a different provider may be different in its terms, and some may allow you only a certain number of repair hours, or restrict your number of claims, or may not even cover your boiler if its too old and prone to breaking down a lot.

Prior to taking out a policy for your boiler, you may need to check with your home insurance provider as boiler covers are often a part of your home insurance policy. However, it is always a good idea to take out a separate boiler cover policy to ensure that even if your home insurance provider is making you wait, you can always drop a claim on your other policy provider. So, take the time to prepare the grounds for potential inconveniences. At find guides on how to proceed and, ultimately, how to replace boilers that are not functioning.

How to decide if you need a boiler cover?

If you own a home or are a landlord, it is essential that you get boiler cover at your earliest. Your home’s boiler may already be covered for by your home insurance provider, or by the boiler’s manufacturer in term of a warranty. However, a warranty is likely to expire at some time, and to avoid paying hefty amounts to fix your boiler, it is important that you get a policy for yourself. 

Additionally, if you plan to keep your boiler for 10 years or more, it is essential that you get it covered when it is young. This is because many insurers would refuse to even give you a quote for an ageing boiler. 

Furthermore, by getting a boiler cover, you’d would not be stuck with paying for expensive repairs and breakdown costs. You won’t even have to pay for annual maintenance or repair visits by engineers.

You would never want to be left with cold water in your homes and would never even imagine being stuck with no central heating. A boiler cover gives you the peace of mind you deserve and allows you to accommodate for any repairs that your boiler may require with ease. Just like every other coverage policy, a boiler cover brings home owners immense satisfaction and lowers their stress related to any repairs that their boiler may require.