Oslo: More Than Just Speakers

There are some products that do more than just meet the needs of consumers; some products speak to people’s personalities—their lifestyles. The new Oslo-loud-speaker from Vifa is one product that will speak to anyone who values the experience of listening to music with an authentic sound. Whether it’s a relaxing evening alone, or a celebration with friends, the Oslo speakers give users genuine experiences.

Vifa uses a combination of experience, passion for music and focus on quality to create speakers with unique sounds. Boasting a special-designed textile cover and smooth aluminum frame, Oslo embodies the Nordic feel of Vifa products. The speakers also come with accessories including: easy-to-connect Bluetooth, and multiple streaming services. The Oslo gives users the ability to create their own personal experiences for parties or moments of peace. “Since music today is mobile, we wanted an agile product you can easily move around in your home. Therefore we went for the upright lines, allowing for a small footprint,” explains Chief Design Engineer Mikael Ankersen. The speakers also come in a wide-range of colors: Sand Yellow, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Anthracite Grey and Pebble Grey.

The Oslo is the fourth wireless speaker from the Danish manufacturer Vifa within the last three years. The business prides itself on exceptional quality and high-class technology—putting emphasis on creating products with Nordic styles. As Vifa continues to evolve its product designs, the business is still dedicated to maintaining the same quality sound in which it was built on.

For more information about the new Oslo-loud-speaker or any other Vifa products, visit https://www.vifa.dk.

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