Jaumo Is a Dating App That’s Easy to Use with Enhanced Security Features

Are you tired of getting matched with Tinder bots, getting messaged by weird people who are not the type/gender you are going for? Are you just looking to try something new? Well, there is another alternative you might not have heard of called Jaumo.

Jaumo is another dating app with features like other popular ones such as OkCupid, and Tinder.

In just three years, the social discovery app has grown to 20 million members and adding more than 100,000 new members every day and has become one of the fastest growing dating apps worldwide. Jaumo’s secret to success: a constant focus on uncomplicated usability and the app’s high functionality. The app’s anti-fraud system helps users date safely.

According to a recent report by the Applause Research Group, Jaumo’s satisfaction score is 72.0 out of 97 dating apps evaluated on the study, ranks among the highest beating the more commonly known dating apps according to the Applause Dating App Quality Index here

Like these others apps you make profile set your preferences on what kind of people you are looking for, and then they have a little matching game to help you go find people to talk to. It also only asks for your age and location, and will then automatically show your profile to someone who is in the same city. So for those who want to or have reasons to withhold things such as names and place of work, you do not have to share such information.

However, it comes with other upgrades as well.

In the basic version, you can restrict people from contacting you if they do not meet certain criteria like gender/shared interests. Which is pretty great and can help eliminate spam messages from bots. You also get notifications from those you pass by your location if they also use the app, which is a pretty cool feature. This helps increase spontaneity if a person who is nearby is also looking for a date.

If you pay to become a VIP, however, the app gives you several things it did not before the upgrade such as; seeing new members quicker, unlimited flirt messages, and a thing that tells you who you have the best chances with. It also starts you off with one week free so if you do not like it you can always just stop before having to pay.

One of the best points of Jaumo is its flexibility. Regardless of what you are searching for, the odd’s are someone else is also looking for the same thing, and if you both have Jaumo then you will find each other.

Try Jaumo today by downloading it on the Google Play or the Apple iOS store.