Indie Beauty Media Group Announces Addition of ‘Adit Live’ Event to Adit Membership Service

The invitation-only event debuts in L.A. on Nov 2-3 further advancing Adit’s services portfolio focused on retail success for brands and buyers.

Los Angeles, July 26, 2022- Indie Beauty Media Group, the parent company of AditR, has announced the addition of live events to its retail\success membership service. Adit Live will premiere on Nov. 2-3 at Magic Box at The REEF in Los Angeles. Adit Live is an invitation-only event. Exhibition spaces are available only to Adit Member Brands, and attendance is open only to top-tier retailers and pre-qualified press, media and investors. Currently, tickets are not available for guest attendance.

Adit’s expanded services result from continuously engineering new ways to deliver value, at a speed that matches the evolving needs of the beauty and wellness industry. “Re-entering live events was not a priority for us after the pandemic,” says IBMG founder NaderNaeymi-Rad. IBMG produced Indie Beauty Expo from 2015 to March 2020. But serving the beauty entrepreneur has always been at the core of IBMG and customer feedback stated that well-executed events provide value.

“We are doing things differently with Adit,” asserts Naeymi-Rad. He continues, “First, we have witnessed firsthand, and heard loud and clear from retailers, that product innovation is not solely enough to ensure retail success for a brand. Today a brand must be ‘retail-ready’; this means a founder who has the requisite knowledge and know-how of retail, a clear and targeted strategy to utilize retail opportunities and access to resources and capabilities to execute on the multi-year commitment that is required to successfully activate a major retail channel.” As a result, Adit is a membership-based program whereby each Member Brand is carefully vetted by the Adit team to ensure that it can satisfy the minimum criteria for retail readiness.

Adit Live

“Once you have the right brands, then the question is what can you offer members to set them up for retail success.” Naeymi-Rad asserts that until now, there have been three broad options available to smaller brands looking to grow their retail business: brokers, trade shows, and wholesale tech platforms. “Each of these options has its own clear set of pros and cons, but the underlying problem is that they all operate in silos and sometimes in conflict with one another,” he adds.

Naeymi-Rad believes that today beauty entrepreneurs need a solution that goes beyond picking between “bots, booths or brokers.” Founders looking to build their wholesale business want to be part of a community, a community with the shared goal of retail success. And, as part of this community, they want access to knowledge and insights, as well as options to connect with retailers—both in real life (IRL) and remote, both tech-driven and personal—that seamlessly work together to drive toward that shared goal. The Adit offering is a manifestation of this approach and Adit Live is the latest addition to the portfolio of services Adit provides its Member Brands.

Adit membership offers an array of tools and services for its Member Brands depending on their needs at any given time.

● Adit Knowledge Center—with over 50 specialized articles and white papers—and Beauty Independent—with three daily original articles

and an archive of 3,000+ articles and webinars—deliver timely and comprehensive retail and beauty news and insights.

● Adit Brand Profiles capture 50+ discrete data elements, including detailed ingredient and formula level information via the Good Face

Formulator, to enable real-time and in-depth cross-checking of each Member Brand against each Member Retailer’s requirements.

● Adit Active Matchmaking remotely connects each of Adit’s 30+ Member Retailers, including Credo, Ulta, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Flip with any of Adit’s 300+ qualified Member Brands; a service that annually facilitates over 1,000 Member Brand presentations to Member to Retailers and drives over 100 Member Brand launch at retail.

● Adit Live is the latest addition to this portfolio; beginning with Los Angeles and expanding to other geographies in North America and Europe in 2023, Adit Live will enable Member Brands to meet a broad range of retailers specifically interested in emerging brands and provide both brands and retailers an opportunity to directly build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Earth Harbor founder Ali Perry-Hatch hails Adit’s ability to connect the brand with best-fit partners, the sharing of invaluable feedback from buyers and access to the Retail Success Team as the biggest benefits of the program. The brand is launching in Thrive Market, a partnership facilitated through Adit, and is jumping at the chance to participate in Adit Live. “There’s really nothing else out there,” shares Perry-Hatch. “There has been a huge void and from conversations we’ve had with other brand founders as well as buyers, we all feel that Adit Live will bring back that important face-to-face interaction with buyers.”

The Detox Market founder and CEO Romain Gaillard adds, “We were one of the first retailers to join Adit and we’ve been delighted with the efficiency of the program and have onboarded many brands, but we also see an opportunity for a more personal event to work in tandem with their other services. Los Angeles is our home market and we’ll be there to support them in November.”

About Adit:

Founded in 2020, Adit is a yearly, renewable membership-based community that assembles competitive, market-ready brands and retailers committed to beauty and wellness to pursue a common goal of retail success by providing value-added services, which includes digital matchmaking services and access to Adit’s Knowledge Center, to benefit all members. Adit Live, is a two-day IRL event only open to Adit brand members and pre-qualified buyers, retailers, and press. About Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG): IBMG’s mission is to support the growth and success of beauty entrepreneurs. IBMG’splatform includes Beauty Independent, Adit, Uplink and Uplink Live.