Utah’s Bryce Canyon Country

Gearing up for spring and summer travel? Look no further – Utah’s Bryce Canyon Country is an ideal destination for families, couples or solo travelers looking to escape and experience an affordable, yet relaxing vacation. For a once in a lifetime getaway, Bryce Canyon Country offers an abundance of breathtaking views, astonishing landmarks and captivating attractions, offering endless opportunities for each day to be filled with a new and exciting adventure. 

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 Bryce Canyon Country is the nickname for Garfield County, Utah. As the main tourist attraction in the county, Bryce Canyon National Park is what most people come to this area to experience – and it’s well worth the trip! In addition to Bryce Canyon, Garfield County is home to parts of two other National Parks, three State Parks, two incredible national scenic byways, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Glen Canyon National Recreation area, thousands of acres of Dixie National Forest and many recreational opportunities. This area appeals to many outdoor enthusiasts, scenic road trippers and can accommodate those of any skill level. Outdoor enthusiasts can get all of the hiking and backcountry exploring that they dream of. People who prefer relaxing in nature appreciate the quiet setting and beautiful scenery. Photographers love the breathtaking views of the unique landscape. Bryce Canyon has something for everyone, all year round.

Travelers from all over the world fall in love with the fiery colors and iconic rock formations found throughout Bryce Canyon National Park. Look out over the amphitheater of Bryce Canyon National Park and you’ll see spectacular landscapes filled with orange and red rock formed into tower spires and castle-like turrets. These tall and majestic hoodoos look as if they rose up from the earth but have been formed by years of water and wind erosion. No two rock shapes are alike as you make your way through trails such as Queen’s Garden, Peekaboo Loop, Navajo Loop and Fairyland Loop. Watch the sunrise and sunset at Sunrise and Sunset Points — the perfect bookends to your day.  

Journey through the marvelous maze as the scene unfolds before you. Not only is each turn the perfect photo opportunity, but also one to be experienced in multiple ways. Hiking is common and makes up the majority of the trails, but horseback riding is another way to explore the floor of the amphitheater with experienced guides. Outside the park, biking is a popular way to overlook the area and take in the surrounding sights.

This year, Bryce Canyon National Park is adding “100 years old” to its list of impressive attributes. To commemorate this historic milestone, the national park and its partners will host special programs and events throughout the year for the public to enjoy. The centennial celebrations will consist of unique opportunities for the local community and tourists alike to celebrate Bryce Canyon National Park’s rich past and promising future.

For stargazers and astronomy aficionados, Bryce Canyon Country is the ultimate location for stunning stargazing scenes. Whether you already know about astronomy or not, the stars make this vacation complete. The night sky provides a sense of wonder for many that cannot be matched at home. In 2019, Bryce Canyon National Park was certified as an International Dark Sky Park, sharing yet another eye-catching skyline with thousands of stars visible to the naked eye and even more with use of a telescope, including the Milky Way. Many educational stargazing opportunities are available in the park throughout the year.

Now that you know more about the amazing attractions, adventures and offerings that make Bryce Canyon Country a one-of-a-kind destination, how do you get there? Bryce Canyon Airport is the closest regional airport. Charter flights are available to and from Las Vegas, St. George, Cedar City and Salt Lake City, Utah and Page, Arizona. The closest major international airline hubs are Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.