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Developer and Two-time Olympian Cary Mullen Says Now is a Great Time to Buy!

After downhill ski champion Cary Mullen retired from competing in 1997, the two-time Canadian Olympian and World Cup competitor set his sights on a new challenge, developing a residential and resort community where Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials could come together.

“As a Canadian, winter is optional now because much of your work and meetings can be online now,” said Mullen.

Mullen traveled around the world to look at different places for his development. He said he researched over 30 countries online and actually scouted 15 locations driving along coast lines before settling on Oaxaca, Mexico.

“My heart and my guts said this is the one,” said Mullen, who set the world downhill speed record of 97 mph, a record that would not be broken until 2013.

In the places he visited he noticed the locals weren’t happy with the visitors from elsewhere. Mullen said he came up with 44 factors to make his decision but the three most important at his location for residents and locals are to live happier, healthier and more connected.

At Vivo Resorts & Residences in Puerto Escondido developers launched a foundation to support local initiatives; fixed up local schools providing them with new desks and bathrooms, and even helped a local orphanage by buying them a dining table and hosting pool parties for them each year. Vivo even supports a local turtle sanctuary.

“I really love the people and the culture,” said Mullen.

Mullen said in recent years a migration trend has shown people moving more south and west. He said Vivo condo buyers are Baby Boomers who still have some gas in their tanks and not quite with a foot in the nursing home. Millennials and generation X buyers look to score winter vacation homes where they can escape.

“It’s a safe area. You feel it. Statistically it is, but you feel it,” he said of Oaxaca. The drive from the Puerto Escondido International Airport to Vivo Resorts is only 20-25 minutes.

Just about every day the temperature here is about 80 degrees and it has warmer ocean water than that in Hawaii and the Caribbean.

“You can be guaranteed great weather,” said Mullen.

What is life like at Vivo Resorts & Oceanfront Properties?

Here’s what Vivo condo owners can expect!

– Luxury beachfront condo living in Mexico with ocean views
– 3 generation, family friendly, Mexico vacation properties
– Tropical, Mexican, Pacific, and Beach – 4 unique décor options
– Quality, high end condo finishings and furniture packages
– Access to all resort amenities including large infinity pool
– White, sandy Pacific Ocean beachfront
– Warm, friendly locals in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
– Year round, fresh local produce market
– Local deep sea fishing
– Swimming, beach yoga, volleyball, and beach horseback riding activities
– Surfing, paddle boarding, sailing, boating, and snorkeling right on your doorstep

Owners enjoy a sense of community and beach life in luxurious oceanfront properties. At Vivo Resorts residents and travelrs experience a lifestyle, not just a vacation, with world-class surfing and an off-the-beaten-path experience for all three generations of family.

As a Vivo Resorts condo owner, one can relax in a new beachfront condo and enjoy fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean and Mexico’s incredible Emerald Coast. The development sits  on 75 acres with 140 condos and 14 private villas. Vivo opened 10 years ago and has been growing each year.

The pricing for a one bedroom in Botanica (non-beachfront) starts at $244,900 USD.
New two bedroom residences in Oceano (beachfront) start at $419,900 USD.

For more information about any of  Vivo’s luxury Mexico condos for sale (or private villas), visit their Pick-Your-Dream page:

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