Bay Harbor Perfection Med Spa

By Amanda Bertoncini

Angela Kogan, CLHRP, CME, CCE is a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional, Licensed Phlebotomist, and a Certified Medical Electrologist. She was born in Israel in 1989 and at age 16 years old she moved to Tampa, Florida to find better opportunities. Despite the new culture and learning a new language, she was determined to pursue her dreams and create a better life.

After graduating high school in 2007, Angela decided to go to beauty school and graduated beauty & health institute as an Electrologist, Laser Technician and Facial Specialist. In 2009, she decided to open her own business in Tampa, Florida. As a single mother, she felt she had to take her business to the next level and decided in 2012 to move the business to Miami, Florida. As her first steps Angela worked under Dr. Miami practice, while working hard, consistently promoting herself and her business. Bay Harbor Perfection Spa grew bigger and she got to expend her business, which today employs eight people and serves most Miami celebrities.

She has expertise in dermatology procedures including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, clinical facials, acne treatments and medical skincare. On a daily basis, Angela also performs electrolysis and lasers for permanent removal of unwanted hair in all skin types. She recently formulated her own medical grade skin care line.

Millennium Magazine’s Amanda Bertoncini had a chance to talk with Angela to learn more about her success.

MM: Angela, it is such a pleasure to interview you! You have a compelling story that needs to be told. When you were a young girl living in Israel, what made you realize that you wanted to move to America?
AK: For more and better opportunities where I’m able to pursue my dreams.

MM: You were determined to make your dreams a reality while most teenagers don’t know what they want out of life. Did you know what you were going to do when you got to the US or did you need to leave to find out?
AK: I have always loved the medical field, the beauty industry and I always knew I wanted to help men and women with their beauty esthetics.

MM: How could you afford to live here?
AK: I moved into my cousin house, and found a job as a waitress right after school. This helped me make ends meet, it was tough. But this helped me with my discipline and helped me developed many great business habits when it comes to budgeting.

MM: How old were you when you had your child?
AK:: I was almost 20 years old when I had my loving child.

MM: When you attended Beauty School, how did you juggle both your education and raising a child as a single mother?
AK: It was very hard, but I did have a lot of support from my Mother who was right there for me the whole time and was my backbone.

MM: You first opened your business in 2009 in Tampa Florida. When you first opened the doors how did you get people in? Did you pay for marketing or was it word of mouth?
AK: I used to walk in parking lots and put flyers on people’s cars or walk from business to business to hand out flyers at first, than when I started to save more money I was able to start advertising in magazines. It was really a Gorilla Marketing style in the beginning. But it really helped me get personal with people, so they can get to know me and I get to know them. Personal marketing very productive and is a forgotten form of Marketing that many people have forgotten about.

MM: What made you move your business to Miami, Florida?
AK: I came to visit Miami and fell in love with the city. People here are really into beauty, physical presentation, Medical hygiene and let’s be frank, ‘looks’, so I knew my business would take off here.

MM: Now you are able to not only employ yourself but eight other people! That must make you feel like you can take a deep breath and know your decisions were always pointing in the right direction. What is the biggest challenge you had to get to where you are?
AK: The hardest part was to manage being a mother and running business. Its like I have two children, instead of one. Running a business is very time consuming and hands on. But it’s worth it.

MM: Can you reveal some of your most frequent celebrities?
AK:: Sorry I can’t, as medical spa we are obligated to keep our clients confidential and private.

MM: I heard you formulated your own skin care line – congratulations! What is it called and what kind of products do you feature?
AK: It is under the business name. All products are medical grade for skin and body. We offer our AHA cleanser, HGF whitening serum for dark spots, cleansing mask for acne, and so much more!

MM: Where can people buy your products?
AK: Right in our spa, but also all products can be found on our website

MM: If I had a jet I would be there in half an hour! I can’t wait to visit the next time I am in Miami! Thank you for being an inspiration to teenagers and women at all ages that it’s never to early, or late, to follow your dreams.
AK: Thank you very much Amanda and we are looking forward to seeing you the next time you are in Miami!

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