Glowing Skin Is Not A Dark Art!

Have you ever seen another woman that just looks like she’s floated down from heaven? Her skin is just gorgeous, there’s not a blot or spot in sight and she is radiant beyond words. It’s almost like she’s not real. But, actually, she is! And guess what? She’s not from heaven either! Glowing skin is not a dark art that has to be learned from a shaman in the middle of some forgotten rainforest. It’s actually a simple concept that has been hard to accomplish in previous decades but is not much simpler and much easier. We’re going to show you what you need to do to make your skin be more dazzling and splendent.

What is Glowing Skin?

Glowing skin is shiny but not oily. This is a lot harder to accomplish than it sounds. Our natural oils produce a glint on our skin that at first sight, might look youthful. However, the oil on our skin gets mixed with the debris and dirt in the air and in our environment, to eventually make our skin look pasty. So there are a few things to note about glowing skin.

  • It’s slightly dull, but has a sheen to it. Think of a polished matte finish phone case. It looks plain but when the light hits it right, it suddenly springs into life.
  • Your skin cells are clearly visible and they all look plump. This is done when you are very hydrated and you keep that hydration in your skin for a longer amount of time than usual.
  • It appears strong. When you wipe your face or maybe scratch it, it feels and looks like it has a layer of glass. There are no nail marks left behind and your skin doesn’t get as red.

The Importance of Water Retention

The secret to glowing skin is water retention. Our skin is very flimsy at times. Sometimes it absorbs water and holds it in the skin cell and other times it doesn’t seem to do its job. You can increase your skin’s hydration retention levels by intaking more ceramides. This will provide a natural lipid barrier to your cell membrane, which allows the hydration to essentially remain trapped in the cell walls. However, they will not clog the pores which is how the skin cell breathes. With this kind of delicate balance achieved, your skin will be more bouncy, less dry and it will retain its shape; meaning fewer wrinkles.

There are ceramide pills that you can take, but there is also ceramide cream. The pills have a higher overall concentration, so your entire body will hold more water in the skin. But if you just have one area which is consistently dry, then the cream is a better choice.

Form a Skincare Routine

If you use just one or maybe two products on your skin to keep it fit and healthy, think again. You need to layer your skin with certain products that will help it to stay strong, in multiple factors. So form a skincare routine that helps your skin to glow. This means, increasing your vitamin D and E intake, as well as keeping your skin hydrated and free from dry patches. Ensure that the products you are adding to your skincare routine don’t contain harsh chemicals which can cause skin irritation and damage your skin’s microbiome. Adding natural based products can help you to nourish your skin while cleansing it as those contain all kinds of vitamins. For instance, natural goat milk soaps contain vitamin A which has an anti-aging effect and visibly reduces wrinkles. Meanwhile, aloe vera soaps contain folic acid which helps the skin to renew cells. Your skincare routine has to be a daily occurrence. This means you need to have a few things in your bag or drawer, that you can use every day.

  • A facial scrub to get rid of the dead skin cell on your skin’s surface.
  • A revitalizing serum that will give your skin a flash in hydration. This is something to use after a warm facial scrub or spot cream.
  • A cream that is for vitamins and nutrients or perhaps a herb and or vitamin pill.
  • Face peel is good for a deep cleanse into your pores, removing bacteria and energizing your skin.

The tricky party is, making a skincare routine that is for morning and night. You can’t use the same items for nighttime as you would daytime as they will be too potent or longer-lasting. 

Don’t be Too Rough

Your skin is delicate and needs to be given time to strengthen. The rougher you are with it, the more work it has to do to repair itself. So don’t scrub too hard when you are in the shower, don’t allow your skin to be exposed to the sun for too long, and avoid very cold situations without having some layer of skin protection. 

Glowing skin is something that every woman deserves. It’s not some kind of dark art, quite the contrary. These are some ways you can make your skin become radiant and stunning but we recommend you do even more research to make a skincare routine that suits you.