LEADERS OF THE PACK: Asian Beauty Brands Excel With Advanced Eco-Conscious Skincare Innovations

Inna Organic Millennium Magazine

INNA ORGANIC: A flower blooms in Taiwan

Taiwanese brand Inna Organic has already made significant waves in the skincare industry, nurturing skin with the most gentle, beneficial, and effective ingredients. As one of only a handful of Asian brands to receive the EWG and COSMOS certification for purity and sustainability, and the only Asian brand committed to the 1% Pledge, Inna is only a never-ending mission to make the world and your skin better. Formulated with profound regard for Earth and global tradition and healing ritual, Inna is proud their best-selling masks and serums receive love from both customers and media, this year marks the release of their first product trio for ultra-sensitive and reactive skin types.

The Botanical Trio Ultra-Soothing line highlights three very specific active ingredients that not only treat the symptoms of sensitive skin but improve its underlying condition without compromise. Inna targets this plight with pure plant extracts, not irritating essential oils These three ingredients magically fuse to boost collagen, soothe irritation, and increase hydration. While these ingredients already have a concrete place in Asian skincare, Inna Organic is one of the first companies to spread this love worldwide.

So, what exactly are these mythical ingredients, and how will they make your skin healthy and radiant?

Sea Grapes

This algae-seaweed hybrid mainly grows in tropical regions bathing in sunlight. Because of its multi-tasking ability in both food (sushi, primarily!) and skincare, this ingredient is coveted in the region In the last decade, Taiwan has mastered its farming and cultivation allowing Inna Organic to use it synergistically with other ingredients. Like precious pearls of pure moisture, it’s abundant in vitamins A, E, and C, plus the high levels of proteins and fatty acids make it ideal for that ultimate glow, as well as plumping and firming the skin.

Sea Chamomile

Also known as Sea Mayweed, this plant is by far the most bountiful–its delicate petals blossoming near the sea and sand, It looks just like a tiny daisy, similar to actual chamomile. This force of nature is resplendent with anti-oxidants and is water-soluble, facilitating it to work brilliantly with the sea grapes extracts. It soothes and reduces redness, allowing other products to work more effectively.

Snow Mushroom

This delicate, intricate fungus grows on dead and fallen trees in tropical climates, and China handled most of its exporting until the last decade. Inna Organic sources snow mushrooms sustainably from Nantou County, the only non-coastal county in Taiwan, for this magical mushroom. Described as a natural answer to collagen, this extract is superbly repairing and nourishing, often compared to the skincare superhero hyaluronic acid. Due to its small molecular size, it can penetrate the skin far more easily, bringing the other two ingredients along for the ride.

Knowing the history and the tell-all about Inna Organic’s superstar ingredients, it’s easy to see why and how Inna is so extraordinary. Intrigued? Visit Inna’s Amazon store here.


WAPHYTO: The pearl of Japan

Developed by Atsuko Morita, award-winning phytotherapist, Waphyto connected men and women at every stage of life with the best of what Mother Nature can offer. By combining phytotherapy, herbology, and technology, Morita developed a product line of all-natural ingredients harnessed in the soil-rich region of Mikawa (notorious for volcanic eruptions and geological interactions with hot springs). The combination of energetic activities forms a nutrient-rich soil uniqueness found only in Mikawa.

Providing all-natural materials is only one component of an effective product, by combining the utmost nutrient-rich soil, we’ve created an environment where our plants can not only thrive but where they can develop to their utmost potential. In short, higher quality soil equals higher quality plant characteristics,” says Atsuko Morita. The five primary ingredients in Waphyto’s line of products are powerhouses in their own right, but by fostering their growth with the extra rich soil and combining them with proprietary ingredients extracted by a saturated steam pressure cyclone method, these ingredients flourish at the highest level.

In line with Waphyto’s commitment to high quality, clean beauty, the products are formulated with 100% natural plant essential oils, contain no parabens, sulfate compounds, preservatives, or synthetic colors or fragrances, they are vegan, fair trade, and biodegradable. The packaging is made of recycled plastic and paper with labels that are FSC-certified and printed with vegetable ink. “Clean beauty means more than being all-natural. It is more than the effects of the product on the skin. It’s respecting the environment and using the highest quality of ingredients that Mother Nature has provided, creating balance and harmony achieved through plants.”

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