Stop Summer Skin Meltdown With the Newest CBD Skincare

With a market size of over one billion annually, you might say CBD beauty has reached the point of saturation. Not even close. The industry is anticipated to reach over three billion by 2026 with new brands, trends and investors continually emerging. This means someone is doing something right and, more significantly, consumers love the stuff.

Global experts extol CBD’s healing virtues, including anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, moisture retention, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, and power to combat eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. No longer small-scale, DIY, bottled in my garage industry, CBD beauty products are now hitting major retailers with sleeker packaging and more diverse formulations.

In compliance with our duty to keep you informed of all things beauty, here are our favorite new CBD skincare product releases.

ilona beauty

Ilona Beauty Pureté Euphoric Suffusing Face Oil

Fun fact: Hungarians are the crowned royalty of skincare, not the French. Ilona is a legacy brand entrenched in European tradition and excellence. This airy elixir contains 150mg of CBD along with therapeutic oils known to quell sensitivity and ease inflammation. Radiates a euphoric wave of energy to the skin to release an inner glow.

Truly Beauty CBD

Truly Beauty

The TIK Tök cheeky sensation that has become the darling of Gen Z and anyone else who prefers their vegan skincare spiked to the max with wit and cheerful colors. The problem-specific range of products is enhanced with hemp-derived CBD and pure plant extracts to tackle everything from thinning hair and uneven skin tone, to blemishes and dry, rough skin.


Founded by Real Housewives stars Tamra and Eddie Judge, the newly launched skincare line focuses on hydration and prevention of free-radical damage. The trifecta product line is scientifically formulated to deliver intense hydration via natural and clean ingredients including adaptogens, botanicals, and ethically sourced CBD.

Tribe Beauty

TribeTokes is a female-founded CBD brand that prides itself in all things luxury CBD for the next generation of the cannabis consumer. The latest venture, Tribe Beauty, expands the tradition with a line of plant-powered products proven to extend the life of youthful skin. Infused with essential oils and delicate aromas to awaken the senses and energize the skin.

For All

Antioxidant-rich products designed to remain on the skin to allow for maximum absorption, impact, and care. An assemblage of botanical extracts, vitamins, and essential oils work together to provide head-to-toe rejuvenation, restoration, and relief.

Heretic Dirty LavenderHeretic Dirty Lavender Eau de Parfum

Inhale the intoxicating aroma without the psycho-actives. This calming fragrance is refreshingly neutral, grounding, and fresh, balancing the feminine and masculine with its crushed herbs, grasses, and bright citruses. Notes of lavender, bitter orange, velvety sandalwood, sacred palo santo, and laced with CBD–yielding a delightful sensory experience.