Beyond Child’s Play: The “Bunny” Dream Empire

“Bunny Barbie” isn’t just a person, but also a brand. And even if her name is catchy and cute, her success is serious. She’s inspired mothers and families from all walks of life by sharing her wisdom about parenting, blended families, and successful marriages through her YouTube video series (boasting 551,000 views and over 48,000 subscribers. She’s inspired busy moms with her lifestyle tips and tricks on TikTok (166 million likes) and posts on Instagram (reaching 165,000 followers).

And on top of that, Bunny has started an inclusive clothing line (“BUNZIE”) and a charitable extension for the brand (“BUNZIE CARES”) benefitting women in need. Put simply, as an old advertisement says, “We girls can do anything…right, Bunny?” And she has, rising above a troubled childhood and a number of personal challenges to make her dreams come true and inspire others to do the same.

During Bunny Barbie’s ascent as a content coordinator, she signed a reality television contract which promised to raise her profile. However, she soon discovered it involved compromising her integrity and her messaging, prompting her to risk it all and set herself free. However, she’s no ordinary bunny, and yes, “Bunny” is her real name. And in a move to take control over her destiny and tell her story on her terms, she developed, produced and launched “Legally Bunny,” her own reality show.

Indeed, even Elle Woods would be proud.

Recently, we caught up with Bunny on a rare break from her charmed yet hard-won career to ask her about her approach to entrepreneurship, being in control of one’s own image, being a better parent, and sharing her love and life skills with others.

Millennium: There are a lot of talented women who are sharing their stories, knowledge about motherhood, and business advice in the blog and influencer spaces. How did you shape your approach to stand out among others doing this…and doing this well?

Bunny Barbie: The great thing about this IS that there are so many, such variety with more than just motherhood and business, of women sharing their stories. I think the more people share their life experiences, the more connections that we can make as a society. Something I’ve focused on is staying true to myself and have been unapologetically authentic to my own journey.

: How are you continuing to evolve as a media presence?

Bunny Barbie: Something that always comes to mind is how I wish I had someone to connect/resonate with when I was younger – so it really is emotionally fulfilling to be THAT person to others. It helps continue keeping you going knowing that you are helping others that may be in similar situations or need guidance during times of need in their lives.

Millennium: Now that you’ve used these platforms to build your BUNZIE fashion line and BUNZIE CARES charity, where will you go from here? Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?

Bunny Barbie: I hope to continue growing and evolving. Currently, I’ve just started working on a finance platform as my newest endeavor. You never know where life’s paths will take you and so I try to grasp each and every opportunity.

Millennium: How did your reality show, “Legally Bunny,” take shape and what are you doing personally to ensure the content is practical, responsible, and helpful to the viewers rather than fall into tropes created by other reality programs involving wives and mothers?

Bunny Barbie: Honestly, my main focus was and has always been being true to myself; and showing the real sides of what is like being an influencer/content creator, entrepreneur, mother, and overall busy woman. The name of the show captures that in the fact that my legal name is Bunny, and the focus is to show my story and journey throughout all of these endeavors.

Millennium: While you describe your husband as supportive, how are you equal partners in how the businesses are run, and how are you establishing yourselves as role models for your children?

Bunny Barbie: Something people don’t realize (or don’t want to realize) is that my husband and I do not actually “share” businesses. We lean on each other for support in growing each other’s life journeys and personal brands simultaneously, ensuring we both are able to pursue our dreams and goals while providing each other with that partnership of reinforcement. One of those journeys was homeschooling my son. Allowing him to witness how the “real world” works, and how my husband and I are each other’s support systems, is super beneficial in teaching him life lessons and being a great overall person.

Millennium: When embarking on a new project or business, what are the criteria you apply when deciding if to take it on and how to move forward when you do?

Bunny Barbie: I do things that make me feel inspired, as well as fixing “needs” in a market that may not already be available. Entrepreneurship often comes with many failures; so walking into things I know may not always work out. But as I mentioned before, this is one of those lessons I am thankful my son is able to see his parents go through to help him grow resilience and confidence in pursuing his passions.

Millennium: The public has certain views on what defines an influencer or social media star as light and stylish. Even though you have cultivated an eye-catching look and persona, what are you doing to project depth and intelligence as well as a realistic outlook anybody can accomplish?

Bunny Barbie: This is a reason I truly post my own experience – genuine journeys – the good and the bad – “lifestyle content”. Showing all the angles and hardships along with successes and lessons helps give insight into the path I am pursuing. I love posting casual content like fashion and style because that is something I have a passion for;. However, it’s also important to me to engage with my audience because it is an experience we get to have together when “choosing their favorite pieces” or asking for advice from my own followers. Getting to spend more time with my son and family, in turn, is something I have always wanted and get to have to do these things.

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