By Jessie Green

Summertime brings with it the opportunity to relax with friends and family, time to center oneself, recharge and renew – what’s not to love! By now, we have all been happily drinking and indulging on weekend excursions, and yet, there are a hearty handful of warm weeks remaining in which we still want to feel and look our best. As a seasoned NYC trainer, I receive the same request every summer. Six pack, please, or a version of a fabulous midriff.


You have heard that abs are made in the kitchen; believe it! Combine a clean diet with ultimate core training and you are on your way to achieving your goals.

SHOP for grass-fed lean meats, healthy fats, organic vegetables and berries. (Vegetarians: hemp, brown rice proteins, no soy) Notice there are no processed food, white flour, high sugar fruits or dairy.

ADD PROBIOTICS to ensure the healthiest bacterial balance in your gut. This balance determines how one ultimately processes nutrients and thus the potential for weight loss.

HYDRATE to sharpen your mental capacity and nourish your muscles. Drink a glass of purified water upon waking and in between meals, consuming half your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces.

A protein smoothie for dinner gives the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM a much needed break as there are no solids to process.

1-2 days/week allow 14-16 hours between dinner and your first meal the next day. This next day consume three small meals which amount to a total of half of your typical daily calories. Perform your cardio during the fast to burn more fat resources. Remember to hydrate.

At least 20 grams of PROTEIN per meal


In my years performing as a dancer and aerialist and training the gamut of clients from Cirque du Soleil acrobats to new moms, I have always valued core strength. Firing up your center at the beginning and throughout your workout will support and increase your power and agility for the duration.

5x roll down, walk out to plank, walk hands back to feet, bend knees, engage abdominals and roll up

PLANK VARIATIONS: Master the alignment in your plank before advancing.
STRAIGHT ARM: 1 – 2 minutes.
ALTERNATING SINGLE LEG LIFT: 20 reps: Elevate straight leg five inches and out five inches. Close. Alternate.
TWISTING PLANK: Lying on side on one elbow with legs stacked and arm straight up, twist and thread top arm through shoulder and hip then resume side plank, 10 reps each side.
SPIDERMAN TWISTING PUSH UPS: Single knee bends into same arm, alternate.
V UP FLIP TO X: Lying on back reach up to touch feet then resist laying back down, then flip to front side without touching hands on ground and X up to extension with straight arms and legs.

HIGH BAR OPTIONS: Hold high bar or handles on cable machine or squat rack, depress shoulder blades, 6-20 reps.
BENT KNEE LIFT: Lift knees to chest curling up hips.
STRAIGHT LEG LIFT: Lift straight legs, toes to the bar.
STRAIGHT LEG OBLIQUE LIFT: Lift straight legs with slight hip twist.

LOW BAR OPTIONS: On parallel bars or assisted pull-up machine.
HIP SWING: Straight arms, hands on bars, knees bent up to chest, small swinging hip movement forward and back, 30-60 seconds.

CENTER PULL IN: Shins on ball, hands on floor with shoulders over wrists in a plank, engage abs to lift and bend knees to chest, then resume straight leg plank.
OUT AND IN: Elbows on ball and feet on ground in plank, extend arms out long then resume elbows underneath chest.

NYC based, Jessie Green, has been deemed the “life changer”. She has done everything from hold a baby while Mom was training to touring with Cirque du Soleil as their acrobats’ Strength Training Coach to prepping celebrities for their next film shoot.

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