Sarah Charness Makes Music With Disco Killerz

By Taylor Bennett & Lauren Clarke-Bennett

The stunning and talented Sarah Charness and her shockingly pink electronic violin are taking the world of Electronic DanceMusic (EDM) by storm. The virtuoso together with producers Disco Killerz (Matthew Danger and Uri Illuz) have married an old time disco sound with a modern spin that is wowing the dance-floor lovers in all the coolest clubs around the globe. From their bouncy ‘We Came To Party’ to their latest more sophisticated sound, ‘Grip’ featuring Jem Cooke, their mega talent shines through. Millennium Magazine was honored to be invited to the Dungeon Beach Recording Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a taste of the power team’s exciting live performance of ‘Grip’ that included the smokin’ DJ Lenny Emery along with the velvety vocalist iamlarcy and we were not disappointed.