Studio 600 Designs

Well, I finally had a good night’s sleep…on my couch!  Why? Because I finally received my well-anticipated throw pillows (and reversible table runner) from @studio600designs found on Instagram or their website:

Kate Spade fabric?  Feather down filling?  Yes, please!  I mean, once I shot the video for the promo and laid them on my couch, I admired their fabric and color combo, and so I took some more pics to send to my friends.

Then I curled up on the couch, rested my head upon them with my coziest blanket to watch some Netflix.

Except I didn’t even touch the remote once my head these pillows, my friends.  I was out.  Mommy time.

Speaking of mommy time, @studio600designs is a mother/daughter business team that creates home decor among many other fanciful gifts, baby goods, and jewelry for their customers.

Allison Rice, the owner, is an interior designer by trade and works with customers to help pair fabrics for their homes.  She’s also worked as a consultant with interior designers to help choose items for clients’ homes.

Did I mention how GORGEOUS my pillows are?  Okay, I did.  (I’m not sleeping; I’m resting my eyes.)

Their pillows are made to fit snugly on the filler and always come with a zipper closure.  Additionally, table runners can be made reversible with another fabric design if desired–which I did, and the color combo of my runner transitions nicely with the pillows from my dining room into my living room.

Allison and her mother’s finessed craft extends to jewelry and earrings, which are made from recycled fabric and materials.

Everything is hand sewn or stitched, made in America, and can even be monogrammed. 

I love this mother/daughter dynamic duo and you will, too:

(Bonus: Meg’s found a new favorite napping niche!)