Wanna look good?

Wanna feel good?

Wanna do good?

Then check out

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(PS: You need to have answered at least 2 out of 3 of those questions to pass the Meg sniff test otherwise we cannot be friends.)

This company was inspired by friends Ella and Molly, as they stood side by side through Ella’s battle with cancer.

Empowered by their story, Me&Em was born: colorful messages, colorful jewelry, and the promise raise money to Tackle Kids Cancer (TKC).

Me&Em designs jewelry with iconic symbols and empowering messages for everyone young at heart.  All of their jewelry is made with care, using natural metals and stones, and comes in beautiful gift boxes.

I chose these super cool snake earrings and the Tassel 4mm bead bracelet–my favorite part?  The hidden gem of a gold bead with “Me” on one side and “Em” on the other.  As people who think of kids first, Me&Em also sent along these super cute lip earrings you see above for my daughter!  Kisses!

We all know that cancer sucks.  I’ve lost a mother, an aunt, and too many cousins who were young mothers themselves; so cancer is a battle for which I’m willing to D-day, myself.  And I haven’t even mentioned Carter yet…he’s 5.  We’re related.  That little guy fights: fights for his life, fights to grow his hair back, fights to play, to have energy, to just be a 5-year-old boy.

So the next time you think your kids are driving you crazy with their energy.  Be thankful.

Let’s help the other moms, the other dads, the other siblings, the other little cancer superheroes.

Every purchase will do good by giving back: for every purchase, Me&Em donates $1-$10 to tackle kids cancer (TKC).  100% of all TKC donations fund patient programs and research to find a cure.

Eli Manning, of the New York Giants, is matching all donations to double their impact. That guy tackles a lot.

Enjoy their jewelry and join them in doing good.  Because as a mother myself, I said so.

XO, Meg