Bedros Keuilian – ‘Flipping the Switch’ –  A Journey from Poverty to Mastering Success

Bedros Keuilian, arriving in America as a child immigrant whose family settled in California, is a renowned figure in various domains.  He has achieved remarkable success as a best-selling author with his notable work “Man Up – How to Cut the BS and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life).”  Additionally, he is the visionary founder of “Fit Body Boot Camp,” a serial entrepreneur, a savvy investor in leading brands and businesses including the clothing company “Few Will Hunt,” a dynamic podcast host, a well respected business coach, a devoted husband and father, and co-creator of “Modern Day Knight” among many other physical and mental challenge programs.  These impressive accomplishments represent just a glimpse of his incredible journey to level up men and women to their highest abilities.  I had the honor of meeting with Bedros to discuss how he transformed his life from living in section eight housing in a life of poverty to being one of the most sought after public figures today.

Entering the headquarters of “Fit Body Boot Camp” in Chino Hills, California, to meet with Bedros Keuilian can be an awe-inspiring experience.  His presence is undeniably commanding, and he does not mince words when it comes to sharing his wisdom on living a fulfilling life.  Yet, despite his imposing stature and powerful voice, being across from him there is a unique blend of tranquility and excitement, an experience that I had the privilege of witnessing firsthand during our interview as well as multiple times during his electrifying “BK Live” event held in Costa Mesa, California.

World-Renowned Entrepreneur Grant Cardone with Bedros Keuilian

Keuilain comes from very humble beginnings and his family’s story is one of resilience and determination.  His father’s escape from Armenia, a Communist nation situated on the southernmost fringes of the Soviet Union, was nothing short of a difficult journey.  Keuilian, along with his parents and two siblings embarked on this arduous path with limited financial resources and little to no prospects.  However, his father’s unwavering determination to a brighter future for his family in America was the guiding force that propelled them forward.

Escaping Communism to America was not an instant fix.  The early years were undoubtedly challenging for Keuilian.  As a young teenager, he found himself associating with gang members and engaging in illegal activities such as home robberies, largely influenced by the company he kept.  Keuilian does not shy away from acknowledging this tumultuous chapter of his life.  He is incredibly candid about his early years and the lack of direction he experienced as a young man.

This perhaps attributes to how Keuilian looks at himself today and the mission he feels he is responsible for accomplishing.  “In terms of impact and influence, helping humanity, I feel ‘called.’ It’s beyond a purpose, beyond a meaning.  I feel called to help people rise up to their highest level.”

The genuine transformation is readily apparent when watching Keuillan take the stage to address his audience.  There is an authentic aura of love and positivity that is projected from him as he candidly shares his life experiences and his aspirations.  It is unmistakable how deeply Keuilian’s audience respects him, as they hang on to his every word and demonstrate respect through their attentiveness.


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Keuilian is not just your everyday public figure or mainstream celebrity.  His profound dedication to his purpose and his commitment to connecting to those who seek his guidance are truly exceptional.  It was evident in the way he took his time to take countless photos and engage in heartfelt conversations with individuals who journeyed from across the country and across the globe to be in his presence.  He took his time answering questions and showed genuine interest in others.

Keuilian has carved a distinct niche for himself by championing the idea of men embracing their masculinity, a notion that has sometimes been unfairly overshadowed by the term “toxic masculinity” in our society.  

“Men are either masculine or toxic. They are toxic because they are passive aggressive, they don’t know how to communicate, they don’t know how to set expectations, they don’t know how to ask for what they want, so they become very emotionally unpredictable.  That’s a toxic man,” Keuilian explains.

He goes on to add, “a masculine man has his core values, has his non-negotiables, knows how to control his emotions, thoughts, and feelings and he knows how to be a savage when needed and a servant and gentleman when required.”

Keuilian places significant emphasis on the early development of strong leadership qualities.  To this end, he has established the “Squire Program,” which he aptly describes as a “rite of passage for young boys.”  Tailored for young teenage boys and their fathers, this program offers an unforgettable shared experience that lasts a lifetime.  The inspiration for this initiative struck Keuilian during his wife Diane’s first pregnancy with their son when he received a book from her uncle titled “Raising a Modern Day Knight.”  This thoughtful gift sparked his interest in raising his son to be a servant and protector, setting the foundation for the “Squire Program.”

Bedros Keuilian and Inez Barberio for Millennium Magazine.

For mature men who are seeking to embark on a transformative journey, both physically and mentally, in order to overcome past trauma and destructive habits, Keuilian partnered with former Marine, Steve Eckert to host the “Modern Day Knight Project.”  This initiative takes place over a time span of 75 hours and is designed to empower men to face their challenges head-on and emerge as stronger, more resilient individuals.

In the words of Keuilian, “the MDK project helps men to wake up from their vices, their short-comings, gambling addictions, infidelities, self-sabotaging behaviors.  They need to be spoken to in a way that the modern world does not allow…we give direct and honest feedback to men in ways they have never gotten before.”

In essence, not everyone graduates from the “MDK Project,” but those who do have a massive positive impact in the four pillars of life of faith, family, fitness and finance which adds to a life of fulfillment.

Four years into the “project,” Keuilian is still engaged with participants who completed his first class.  When faced with stressful situations, graduates have learned to “replace old tools with new tools of coping.”  

Keuilian is very proud of the impact the “MDK Project” has made on men and remarks, ”it is literally the most meaningful work I do and I do a lot of good work.”

Keuilian’s popularity has continued to soar across various social media platforms, especially through the launch of the “Bedros Keuilian Show” podcast, where it is just Keuilian and the microphone, delivering his raw yet impactful messages.  While the sold out “BK Live” event held in September of 2023, was predominantly composed of men in the audience, the women who were in attendance were quite impactful on their own accord, many who have discovered Keuilian through social media platforms drawn to his messages of accountability, success, confidence and “flipping the switch.”  

One particular woman I met at “BK Live” shared a powerful testimony with me.  She had discovered Keuilian’s podcast on YouTube a few months prior and was profoundly transformed by his message.  She recounted how she heard of the “BK Live” event, made a decision to purchase a ticket and embarked on a solo flight for the very first time, a remarkable feat after enduring an abusive relationship for decades. What struck me was that her story was not unique; I later discovered that several other women had similarly discovered inner strength and resilience through Keuilian’s podcasts.

Consequently, many of Keuilian’s coaching clients are women who actively seek his mentorship.  His online platforms have seen remarkable growth, with nearly 40% of the audience being female, highlighting the broad appeal of his messages.

Keuilian and I discussed the impact of social media today as his upbringing unfolded in a time well before the existence of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

“This is great that we have access to so much now. Reading a person’s book is one thing, but then seeing them, over and over again on video or listening to audio because of podcasts – they talk about real time issues and are like built-in coaches.  I think we live in an incredible time,” Keuilian shared.

One of Keuilian’s renowned and highly sought-after endeavors is his role as a business coach.  He offers a premium coaching experience through his “Domination Year” coaching program, commanding an impressive fee of $100,000 per client for personalized one-on-one coaching.  It is important to note that Keuilian selects his coaching clients very selectively, that they are not new, entry level business owners, but seasoned individuals who are truly committed to achieving remarkable success.

“Who I coach are entrepreneurs making at least a half a million dollars a year or more in their business.”  Keuilian adds, “I help them 10x their businesses and have life, freedom and structure.”

For individuals who are just starting out and seeking business and personal advice from Keuilian, he generously provides a wealth of free content through platforms such as Instagram and his podcasts.  Additionally, Keuilian has recently launched “The Legacy Tribe,” an online coaching and mentorship program accessible to a broader audience.  What is noteworthy is that he collaborated on this program with retired Navy Seal, Jason Redman and Bryce Henson, the CEO of “Fit Body Boot Camp.”

In regards to his overall success, Keuilian remarks, “financially, I feel I have been doing great with business the last decade.  It’s been 22 years in the making.  In terms of impact and influence on humanity, I don’t think I quite made what I am looking for yet.”

Keuilian is a person that believes in the power of impact and how one man or woman can make a difference, setting in motion a chain reaction of help and inspiration for others.  One individual who fit this mold for Keuilian, was his friend Jim Franco, whom Keuilian crossed paths with during his early days as a budding personal trainer.

Keuilian’s face lights up as he recalls his early encounters with Franco, “Jim Franco was an entrepreneur, a millionaire, the first billionaire I ever met and he would treat me like a peer.  He spoke to me like I mattered.  I was his personal trainer and he would hang around after his session and give me sales advice, marketing advice and business advice.”

Through Franco, Keuilian was exposed to more and began believing in himself as he was taught how communication is a massive tool for influence.

“I have always been likable, charismatic, and an optimist.  It’s just that I was always with the wrong crowd and held low self-confidence and I felt like other people knew how to be rich and it was not for me,” Keuilian recalled prior to first meeting Franco.  At the time Keuilian told himself, “I’m an immigrant, come from a blue collar background, and live in section eight housing.  People like me don’t get rich.”

Meeting Franco dramatically impacted Keuilian’s life and it was the first time he started to build his confidence.

Keuilian adds, “he (Franco) literally helped me build my foundation.”

In the present day, Keuilian and Franco continue to maintain their friendship, most recently with Keuillian attending Franco’s 81st birthday celebration.  What Franco may have not realized at the time was that his act of giving to Keuilian his attention and respect initiated a cascading chain of greatness.  It inspired Keuilian not only to accumulate wisdom and knowledge but also to share it generously with others, nurturing the idea of giving back to others in need and to those willing to work and earn their own success. 

Keuilian is unreserved in his commitment to giving back.  He deeply appreciates the income he has earned over the years and is renowned for his generous nature in taking care of those who hold a special place in his life.  He actively challenges the negative stigma often associated with accumulating wealth, emphasizing the tremendous positive impact that can be achieved with surplus resources. Keuilian has made substantial donations to causes close to his heart, including significant contributions to Shriners Children’s Hospital and the rebuilding efforts to assist the residents of Maui following the devastating fires. 

When asked how one builds their confidence in life, Keuilian explains he believes confidence is achieved by the byproduct of two things.  First, “keeping your promises to yourself. For example, each night you set your alarm to 6:00 am.  If you hit the snooze button, and sleep for 10-15 minutes more, you have broken that promise.  You are ruining your reputation for yourself each time you break a promise and that is ruining your confidence.”

He goes on to add, “the second is to have an irrefutable amount of proof that you are a winner.  Do something and if it does not work out, do it until you are successful.”

And a couple of fun facts to add about Keuilian, his favorite movie is “Pulp Fiction” and his favorite food is pretzels!  Who would have guessed?

As Keuilian’s projects expand and his audience continues to grow, no doubt his positive impact will extend far and wide.

Keuilian’s motto:

Average is the enemy

Success is your responsibility

Change can take place in an instant

When you decide to Flip the Switch!

To learn more about Bedros Keuilian and his upcoming events and programs, you can find him on and on Instagram and other social media outlets @BedrosKeuilian.