Why You Should Consider Acrylic Prints

Most professional printers can print images, texts, or graphics on numerous surfaces. The idea of having your picture or image of friends and family printed on glass, metals, canvas, acrylics, and several other materials provides you the opportunity to enjoy the best of memories.

Specifically, the impression of prints made on acrylic offers a better finishing when compared to other print materials like canvas, glass, or metals. There are tons of benefits you get when printing on acrylics. If you are still unsure whether or not to print your images on acrylics, take a look at the following benefits.

Durable Prints with Acrylic

There is no doubt acrylic printing offers more durability than other print materials. The finished prints on acrylic materials last for years. Not all print materials can boast of this long-lasting feature.

With its shatter resistance feature, acrylic materials last longer due to their capacity to withstand damage. When dropped or smashed, the edges might get broken, but the good news is your prints remain intact. Some acrylics are resistant to breaks, though these kinds are not as affordable as conventional acrylics.

Another feature supporting acrylic durability is the availability of UV rays and moisture protection. The UV protection feature is available from 75-99%, subject to the kind of acrylic used for the print. The acrylic gives moisture protection (between 90-100%) if you decide to print on the acrylic directly.

Unique and Fabulous Finished Prints

Surely, you must have seen or heard of the unique prints made with acrylic materials. Printing on acrylic offers a vibrant color beauty with a mix of 3D designs all at the same time. Acrylic printing is now very popular amongst photographers and picture lovers. Photographers can now stand out from the competition with the unique finish of acrylic printing, which offers more excellent quality than other print materials.

Acrylic print colors and nuances deliver lively, bright, and eye-catching print results compared with various other print materials. There are numerous acrylic printing styles today—these styles add a vibrant look to your picture. Some of these styles include face mount and direct printing. The face mount is better off than the direct printing because it provides more vibrant and eye-catching prints. It entails printing a picture on a paper and subsequently face-mounting the paper on the acrylic surface. However, face mount printing is expensive and offers a lesser waterproof assurance than direct printing.

Great Display and Quality Materials

Acrylic prints do not just offer great results but also give you an easy printing process as well as a variety of ways you can display the finished work. For the display, you can fixate the acrylic print on the wall using aluminum stand-off technology. You can even frame your acrylic prints and place them in your home, office, or your preferred location, whether inside or outside your property.

As for creation, the paper and ink used are the two most important items used in printing.  Generally, the Inkjet and C-type prints are the two types of printing when using acrylic materials. Inkjet printers use dye or pigment-based ink when printing on acrylic materials. C-type prints (also known as chromogenic prints or C-prints) make use of strong chemicals that are utilized in the usual darkroom creation process by photographers to build texture, shade, and color on your acrylic finished pictures.

For the paper used to create acrylic printing, you get the best benefits when using a metallic or glossy paper. Metallic paper is better than glossy paper because it provides the best color images with more comprehensive details to color that give your prints a luminous finish.

Reasonable Price for High Quality

Acrylics can be quite expensive, but there is more to it. When you compare its unique features to other printing materials, you’ll realize that you’re saving more cost by using acrylic.

Numerous top-notch photographers use acrylic printing to show off their best works to their clients, irrespective of the price. If you are on a budget, not to worry; acrylic printing comes in different styles and sizes, which vary in their pricing. Big acrylic prints can cost between $500 to $800, depending on the style used. Nevertheless, you can get smaller prints for less than $100.

Another technique to save cost when using acrylic printing is to buy in bulk. Several acrylic material dealers let you save up to 10% of the actual cost of the material when buying in bulk.

Decorates Your Property

Acrylic printing is the best when it comes to this feature. The beautiful finished works of acrylic printing on a home and office building are eye-catching and vibrant.

With its unique look, acrylic prints provide a feel of modernity and exuberance. Hence, they add a contemporary look to buildings when used on them. Research has shown acrylic prints are used by over 15% of commercial properties globally, with impressions on skyscrapers, classic buildings, stadiums, and so much more.

For residential buildings, homeowners mostly use acrylic prints indoors, printing memorable events on acrylic and displaying them on their living room walls, bedrooms, lobby, depending on their preferences and needs. Business owners also use acrylic prints inside their property. When used indoors, acrylic prints provide a modern touch in the office or home interior, which would offer a fantastic experience for clients and visitors.

Black Nuances and LightWeight

Acrylic printing provides detailed black nuances than any other print material. The color gamut and increased black shade features you get when using the acrylic will make the finished print stand out among several other prints. The black shade feature allows for further illuminating features that, in turn, create pictures with unique 3D image prints.

Also, acrylic is more lightweight when compared to other print materials like glass; this feature makes it safer to relocate acrylic prints without bothering about the dangers of it dropping.

High Impact

Drawing attention towards a business or brand has never been more needed as it currently is due to a competitive market. You can create awareness of your business using professional-looking and modern custom acrylic signage. You can choose from various installation options to make the custom acrylic sign visible to more viewers and let them know what the brand is about.

Easy Cleaning with Acrylic Prints

You might need to clean your acrylic prints to remove stains, dust, liquids, and more on some occasions.

Cleaning acrylic prints is an easy process. There are several products for cleaning in the market. These products are designed to clean prints on a wide range of materials from glass to canvas and even acrylic prints. What’s best is that these print material cleaning products come at pocket-friendly prices and are proven to be effective.

For acrylic cleaning, there’s no need to wipe or scrub with difficulty. Simply wipe off stains with ease and watch your print become new again.

The Bottom Line

Acrylic printing has developed over the years to become the first choice for picture lovers. If you have come across these prints in homes or commercial buildings, you would have noticed their lively and vibrant nature as they bring pictures to life using brilliant colors.

The benefits of acrylic printing are quite numerous, with unique prints that outstandingly exhibit colors compared to other print materials, waterproof technology, ultraviolet ray protection technology, and so much more. These benefits far surpass those offered by its competitors. 

Have these benefits in mind in your next schedule with your photographer or intend to make the best picture display on your home or office building that would marvel your guests or clients.