Beauty Routines For Frequent Flyers

By Lora Condon

Multi-Problem Solving Products That Leave Room in Your Carry-On for Souvenirs.

If you’re the type of traveler that wants to pack a small bag and hop on a plane, these few multi-tasking products will ensure your skin and hair will have an amazing trip. For a carry-on, make sure the 3-ounce containers all fit in one, 1-quart bag that can close with the products inside. Before you leave home, a little preparation goes a long way.  I recommend waxing so you won’t need to bring shaving products, do a heavy moisturizing mask the night before, so you’re less dry and do an oil treatment for your hair to prevent breakage and static on vacation.

The more bottles in your bag, the greater chance one of them will explode in your luggage which is why I try to find products that are multi-purpose. One hair product I’ve found is Youthful 8 Milania’s, Total Vitamin Leave-In Treatment. The silk, argan oil and vitamin based product means you won’t need to bring a separate conditioner, hair gel, hand cream or body moisturizer. Depending on your hair, you can even put this conditioner in wet hair before you leave for the airport and style once landed.

Depending on the length of your trip, Oscar Blandi’s, Dry Shampoo Powder is my favorite way to clean my hair without using so many drying products. The small bottle weighs a lot less than liquid shampoo. My most exciting vacations frequently include some kind of bite, sore or rash of unknown origin. I finally found a cure in a convenient travel tin, filled with organic Navajo herbs by Medicine of the People. Pinon Sap Salve is the perfect healing salve for any insect bite, burn or heat rash. This magical salve also includes shea butter and vitamin E for further healing. I love a multi-purpose product and so I created Atomic Balm.  It’s an all-natural moisturizer in a stick that is perfect for any skin type, great for lips, under eyes and dry hands or cuticles. It’s amazing at taming fly-aways and smoothing split ends.

When I was 12, I went to Venezuela and got sun poisoning the first day, then spent the next three days in the hotel room reading Cujo!  Lesson learned and now I never travel without sunscreen. If you’re in humid weather or sweat in the heat, Control Corrective makes Aroma Matte SPF 30, that leaves a matte finish, but hydrating enough to double as your moisturizer saving room in your luggage. Microfine zinc gives UVA and UVB protection for all skin types. Remember to reapply every hour if you’re outside sightseeing.

Anytime you can find products that can do double duty beauty, make sure you keep them stocked, even if you’re not flying. Save your skin and hair by prepping the night before you fly, take care of yourself during the flight and continue your routine while on vacation and you’ll look renewed and refreshed upon returning home.