4 Best Ways to Sustain a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Woman in Black Tank Top and Black Leggings Doing YogaAdapting and sticking to healthier habits is easier said than done. It calls for going the extra mile, sacrificing, and dropping old habits. In the end, the results are always pleasing and satisfying. If you are that person who struggles to follow a healthy routine, you are not alone. Research shows that only a few people can start and maintain wholesome routines. While some struggle in sticking to one, others struggle in starting. The best thing to do is to have a goal that can push you to start and motivate you to continue.

Do you know why people struggle following a routine? One significant reason why most people struggle in sticking to a routine is setting a difficult one. With this in mind, it would be best to select something within your reach where you will stick to it and be motivated to continue. Additionally, if you have too many things going on while trying to stick to a routine, it can lead to a lack of commitment. Lastly, the lack of immediate results also leads to slacking in commitment where you lose hope.

Losing weight and boosting your health can mean you are living healthily. Nonetheless, other things that prove you have a fit and healthy life include getting the right amount of sleep, not smoking or drinking alcohol, drinking water, and more. If you can adapt and maintain such habits, you will be a step closer to achieving a fit lifestyle. In this article, you will learn how to stick to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Even if you’ve been struggling for a long time, the tips below can make it easier. 

Use Health and Fitness Apps

Today, many high-end apps help people track and monitor their health and fitness journey. They provide a better user experience and are easier to use. Additionally, they have push notifications where users get reminders according to the time intervals they set. If you don’t have these types of apps, this is the right time to get them. Some are free, while you can buy others online. Whichever you choose, it can help you stick to a routine.

For instance, using a fitness app not only notifies you when to work out, but it also suggests some exercises to follow. They also track your calorie and water intake. Some even keep track of heart rates, which are beneficial to people who experience heart problems. A fitness app can also monitor your progress.   This is where you record each change that happens to know what to do to improve. To top it all, some have health coaches who are willing to walk you through your fitness journey by providing the right advice.

A health app can notify you when you have an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. It can also inform you when you have various medical checkups, which can help detect illnesses before they occur. These apps are not meant to take your health care provider’s role but to help you monitor health-related activities. Using health and fitness apps will help you achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Have a Goal and Break It Down

Having a goal and a plan to achieve it can also help you sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle. A goal directs you and also keeps you motivated throughout. Nonetheless, it is advisable to set smart, realistic, and achievable goals. As much as you want to set a goal that can challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone, doing so can lead to a lack of commitment. You should set a simple goal that is within your reach, one you can use every day.

It would be best to have a long term goal and break it down into small achievable goals for daily use. For instance, if you set a goal to run ten kilometers, you can break it down into short runs, such as having thirty minutes to run daily. You could also set a goal to run a total of two hours and thirty minutes every week and so on. Doing so can help you achieve whatever health and fitness goal you set.

Adjust and Be Flexible

As much as it helps stick to what works for you, it would help if you are also flexible and ready to adjust to changes. Change is inevitable. The more change that happens in your life, the more you need to stick to a long term routine. However, not adjusting and being flexible enough to adapt to change can lead to commitment failure.

There is always comfort in an old routine, which makes it hard to adjust. For instance, you could have a running routine in the morning before leaving for work. Suppose change happens at your workplace, leaving you with little time for a quick run in the morning. Due to the comfort in your routine, it can make you quit. Rather than quitting, it would be best to adjust your routine. You can do so by changing from running in the morning to doing it in the afternoon after work. By this, you can sustain your fitness routine.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself can help you stick to a health and fitness routine. You can reward yourself by buying a designer watch after running. You can reward yourself with a new health and fitness book to motivate you. You could also order your favorite cake, but ensure not to continually reward yourself with junk treats as they can serve as a setback.  You can also treat yourself to some self-care routine in a spa.

Rewarding yourself acts as a motivator for completing a health and fitness routine. Motivation is essential if you want to stick to a routine. Being motivated means, you can overcome temptations and things that lead to discouragement. Treats also add excitement to exercises and help you remain active, healthy, and fit. Such routines tend to get boring, and knowing you will buy something after finishing a work out can add fun to such exercises. By this, you will always be ready and willing to follow a routine, leading to sustaining it.

 These are but a few ways best known to aid in sticking to a routine.  By setting a goal right from the beginning, using various apps, being flexible, and rewarding yourself, you can sustain your health and fitness plan.