BLOWFISH MALIBU SS2021: Everyday is Earth Day for the California brand

blowfish malibu millennium magazineBLOWFISH MALIBU  recently debuted their Spring/ Summer 2021 collection which feels fun and hopeful, featuring bright splashes of color, in addition to classic hues that allow you to shine. Their 4Earth collection continues, as does their partnership with OCEANA, with $1 being donated for every pair sold from the collection. This season is a reminder to have fun, do good, and emphasize your individuality.

Famous for being one the most innovative brands in the world not only for its casually funky aesthetic, but its resourcefulness and commitment to the environment, sustainability, and zero waste solutions. The SS’21 collection takes its inspiration from the kaleidoscope of colors and contours of a 1970s California dreamscape. Imagine psychedelic swirls reminiscent of a nostalgic Venice beach bonfire, to the murmur of acoustic guitars echoing through the canyons. Acid rock brights meet muted soft-rock pastels. It’s California in all multi-color glory.